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March 2, 2004

Things Are More Fun When They're Chicken-Shaped

(Note: none of the links come up in this excerpt, so you'll have to click on the "continue reading" bit. I'm not sure how to change that. Grr.) This wouldn't be nearly as cool if it were just a big hunk of colorless plastic. But it's CHICKEN-SHAPED! And you know what that means? IT'S SHAPED LIKE A CHICKEN! Amazing, I know. Here is my machine amidst the crap on my desk (that water tastes kind of funny, by the way. It's from "Frontenac Crystal Springs in the beautiful Thousand Islands, Clayton, NY"...well, you may be beautiful, but you taste funny). As great as the machine is though, you couldn't imagine my glee when I saw the so-bad-they're-good button designs that came with the machine. Here's a sampling of them, plus my own comments. Who wouldn't want a button with a blue whale saying "Happy New Year"? Huh? HUH? Only losers. Yeah, you heard me.

...okay, I'll have to rethink those last few statements. Those bad buttons have given me the idea to design some bad Engrish buttons (here's something from the button machine box). People might buy those, right? Everyone seems to like the animal thoughts buttons at least. I'm making new ones now about different kinds of weather featuring happy/sad/angry clouds. I could make more animal ones too I guess, but it's a lot easier to draw clouds. Hellloooo overlapping circles!

This week has been rather good so far. Then again, I've only had two days of school. Tomorrow shouldn't be so bad though: wake up at 10 AM, go to Japanese, come back to the room and eat lunch, take music midterm (which I'll cram for), "work" in the media cloisters for two hours (I can't help to feel guilty about that), come back to my room and...yeah, that's about it. Yesterday had some amazing weather and today wasn't as nice, but still a great relief from being pelted with freezing rain/snow/squirrels (come to think of it, I haven't seen squirrels for a while). I would daresay it's sweltering now in this 40-50 degree weather. Yes, that's sweltering for the time being. When it goes into the 80s and 90s, I'll turn into a puddle of human mass.

The trip to California is coming up soon! Disneyland! Yes! I'm probably a dork for getting excited about going to Disneyland, but I was brought up on Disney theme parks since my youth (youth starts at approximately 5 years of age). I still remember the first time I went to Disney World, which actually wasn't that enthralling since I was woken up in the middle of the night so my family could visit our cousins in Tampa and go to Epcot center for one stinkin' day, but it was still good. I guess. The last time I went to a Disney park was in 9th grade, during which I actually went to Disney World and Disneyland, the first because of a school band trip and the second as a family trip with my mum and brother. At that time they were doing loads of construction as neither Downtown Disney or California Adventure had opened yet. They got rid of the Oriental Garden part of the Disneyland Hotel, which we had always stayed at, to make room for the new commercial paradise. ...okay, all of Disney is like that, but now there are more stores and restaurants. And a movie theater. Mmhm...anyhoo, I found out that the rides I like the most (Space Mountain and the Indian Jones Adventure) will be closed while I'm there. Joy.

For some other exciting travel news, I might be going to England this summer! It would be the first time I've been there, and while I've heard British people described as "like Americans, but with more sticks up their asses", I think I'll take my chances. I was chatting with an old friend from high school, Katherine, who's originally from England but lived in NJ for a few years and then moved to CA before moving back to England, and she decided to call me! I don't talk on the phone very often, so her phone call made me incredibly happy. Out of all the friends I've made in high school, she's the only I've kept the most contact with. I've also probably known her for the shortest amount of time. Funny how that turns out. And, of course, she ended up moving at the end of 10th grade. I still remember on the first day of classes in 11th grade when roll was being called in my gym class, her name came up. We would've been in the same class! I ended up hating that gym class with a passion, as I had no friends in it. Thankfully my teacher was cool.

Erm, I got a bit off track there. Well! I don't know how much the phone bill will be, but I think we chatted for about half an hour. She said I sounded extremely American. That makes sense, of course, but it's funny to hear someone else say it. I couldn't always understand what she was saying, unfortunately...well, I never could. :) I'm not sure when the topic of me visiting her came up, but it did. We'd like to travel around Europe together for fun. I want to go to Norway, particularly. I spent ages looking up ticket prices last night (when I should've been doing homework) and everything looks so expensive. Well duh, of course it's expensive. Maybe I should be glad I don't live on the west coast at least, since that would tack on some hundreds more dollars. I was thinking that if I didn't spend any more money, I could have a decent amount to pay for SOMETHING. However, I already asked my mum about it and she said I could go and not pay for anything since she would consider it educational. Well, anything could be considered educational, eh? "I must go to the Grandaddy concert because...I'll learn...some...thing...nevermind." (Grandaddy is/are (I never know which to use...damn, double parentheses) wonderful, but I don't feel compelled enough to go to this concert. If it was a Saturday, I'd probably go. $25 isn't bad.)

Getting way off tracak...wow, my roommate has been napping for a while. I don't know what's wrong with her, but I wish I could do something. I get bothered by people who always complain yet don't really do anything to change themselves. Then again, I complain a lot. I'd like to believe that the raw foodist thing was a big enough change, but I know I still get bothered by stupid things. The biggest debate is whether or not I should buy nuts...stupid, yes, but that's what I'm thinking. If I buy them, I'll probably eat half of the bag (4 oz) in one day, which is twice as much as I "need" but hey, I'm GLUTTONOUS! Yup, that's me, a terror to fruit and nuts everywhere. ;)

March 7, 2004

Poofy Takeover!

Wow, I didn't update this thing since Tuesday? I don't even remember what has happened since Tuesday. Crap.

Wednesday. ....Wednesday. Oh yes, I had my music theory midterm and it was a lot like the quiz my teacher had previously given us. I was pretty surprised. After that it was off to the media cloisters (I haven't a clue if the website is ever updated, but then again our big project now is to make a new website) to do...um...stuff? I worked on centering the main div which works fine if your monitor has a gigantic resolution, but if you're like the rest of the world, the centering doesn't work well because it uses negative magins which you can't scroll to view. Damn. I was really happy with it at first until that problem came up. Also, it only looks good in Firefox, although for some reason the scrollbar isn't clickable for me (but the arrows work). This just sucks.

Making websites is just annoying sometimes. There are so many things I want to do with my websites, but I haven't gotten started on ANYTHING and at this rate I never will. Here are my priorities:

  1. install movable type at evenmagnet.net and somehow configure it so I can use it for the discography and tour sections
  2. sometime implement MT so I can use it for the roboppy.net photo section
  3. figure out how to customize scrollbars for the cloisters site

I probably won't do any of these things, but they're in my head. Somewhere. Covered with dust, underneath the couch. You know what, I haven't sat on a couch in a long time. I have no idea why I just said that. Where did the word "couch" come from anyway? Couch? And where did "sofa" come from? Where did any word come from? WHERE?!

Sofa couch sofa couch sofa couch couch sofa!

Thursday started off pretty nicely, despite having to go to a 9 AM class and the weather being gloomy. My psych teacher said it must've been the worst day to come to class, just a day before vacation (actually, the next day had worse weather and WAS the day vacation was starting, but my bio teacher doesn't give us pity...haha) so he let us out 15 minutes early (which he actually does every now and then). This was great in my case because I wanted to go to Japanese class early to see the first section's presentations, although I missed the first couple since the class started at 10 AM. We all had to present a project in Japanese, but it could be based on anything we wanted. I chose to sing and write a song in Japanese about Yuebing and as Thursday loomed closer I realized that I had never played guitar and sang in front of any person before, not to mention a group of people. During the time before I had to present I started looking out the 3rd story window longingly, wondering if it would do much hard to jump out.

The people before me went through their presentations way too quickly. Dammit! The guy who went before me performed "I Want You Back" along with a recording by the Japanese version of the Jackson 5. He was really good (he's a music major) and then I realized..."I have to go after HIM?" Oh god. But I have to admit that things could have gone much worse. I was nervous as hell and my singing wasn't that great (and I suck at guitar), but some of my practice runs had been worse. So! Overall, could've been worse. That's how I look at the bright side. My teacher wants me to record it so she can have it on tape...ahh!

Oh, and if you're curious enough, here are the lyrics (although they won't work if you don't have the Japanese language pack on your computer):

とても かわいい うさぎ が います。 とくべつ な うさぎ が います。. このうさぎ が だいすき です。 このうさぎ は、だれ ですか?

おなまえ は ユエビン です。
よこはま しゅっしん です。
かのじょ を ハグしたい です。
かのじょ が にほん に います。

たべもの は あたま の うえ に あります。
チョコレートたまご が あります。
もの が たくさん あたま に あります。
たべたこと が できません。

おなまえ は ユエビン です。
よこはま しゅっしん です。
かのじょ を ハグしたい です。
かのじょ が にほん に います。

とても かわいい うさぎ が います。
とくべつ な うさぎ が います。
このうさぎ が だいすき です。
このうさぎ は、だれ ですか?

I don't feel like translating it because it's pretty stupid...but it could've been worse! I know there aren't spaces in Japanese (unless it's a children's book or something) but it helped me out a bit. While I wasn't the only student singing and memorizing a song, or even the only one who wrote one (the guy who lives across the hall from me wrote his own song too), I maybe have been the only person that did all three. I missed the other guy's performance since he's in the first section and performed first, but I would have loved to see it.

I don't think I'll ever play guitar and sing in front of anyone again. At least not in Japanese. It was so unlike me to even do that as my project! There's a first time for everything though, even when you're as shy as I am.

Friday was great because I got to come home! I haven't been home for weeks, and I had actually started getting used to stayed in school every weekend. Last semester I came home on almost ever weekend, which was kind of sad, but I honestly didn't have much to do in school. Bio in the morning was pretty pointless as we had to do an assignment online and the website wasn't working well. I never really know what's going on in that class, to tell you the truth. Japanese class was okay, although made me feel confused like usually. I have a 91 in that class...91! Just a few more points and I'd feel more comfortable. I won't die if I get a B+ or an A- of course, but I'd really like an A in that class. I can brush off psychology and bio, but for me, Japanese is that class that makes me think, "I can do well if I try hard enough!" Which reminds me, I need to make some kanji flash cards. I am truly awful at kanji.

You can trademark the name Kathleen? Wow, I didn't know how much stuff Amrican Girls has been making since I was into it. I used to read the Molly series all the time when I was in grade school (I've never read the other ones) and for some reason also bought trading cards and pins, but I never succumbed to buying the entire Molly doll set ...even though I really, really wanted it. I'm glad I didn't because it's not like I'd have any use for it now, but a lot of my classmates had them. I think on Halloween some of them dressed up like the character and would carry around the doll. I remember playing with some of my classmates' dolls and thinking they were the coolest thing, although I may have been more impressed with the little accesories that came with the doll than the doll itself. Man, it's so weird looking at this stuff again. I don't have any of the books anymore, but I think I can still remember some of the stories.

Wow, this entry is pretty boring right now. I'm not really tired or anything, but...(looks at watch)...I do have to wake up in about 3 and a half hours. I think I'll just stay up then. My mum and I are getting picked up at 6-something AM to go to the airport, and then we'll be on the 6-fhour flight to California (it takes 4 hours to come back). I just read that it takes 5 hours to fly to Iceland, which I never thought about before. Iceland just feels so much farther, but I guess it isn't much father than California? I mean, it's in a different direction so that would affect the flight time, but still, it's not like going to Taiwan. So. Yeah. I still need to figure out what to do about going to England, like where/when/how. I also need to renew my passport, as my current one expires in September. I didn't even USE this one in the past four years! My first passport is chock full of stamps (I always got annoyed with Taiwanese customs because they wouldn't stamp in the boxes and in a perfect world, all the stamps would be nicely organized) which fascinates me now because I haven't been anywhere that far in a long time. I did go to Mexico last year, but I guess passports didn't need to be stamped.

On Friday I got my haircut with my mum, not to get any particular style but just to get a trim. I think it's been four months since my last haircut, which is probably really long considering how short my hair is. We stopped by Kinokuniya since it's right by the hair salon and I wanted to get this issue of Idea, but it wasn't there! *sniff* They usually have a bunch of back issues, so I was hoping to get one. Maybe it's better I don't have it since it costs $40 (but it's much more like a book than a magazine), but I still want it. Blah.

My haircut came out very nice and a different guy cut it this time. I think I've had my hair cut by every stylist who works there, actually. I never care who actually cuts my hair because I haven't noticed any difference, but they always ask that when you make an appointment. Anyhoo, I was wearing my Poofy shirt and one of the ladies said it was cute! I tried to communicate in Japanese, but failed miserably. All I could figure out to say was "kakimasu," which means to write, or to draw in the case of pictures. I told the guy who was cutting my hair that I'm taking Japanese, but I'm just really bad at it (can anyone be really good at Japanese after learning it for less than a year?). He asked me what else I knew how to say, and all I could think of was "Usagi ga, daisuki desu" ...which wasn't totally random since my shirt had Poofy on it. Yeah, that phrase will be handy someday, I'm sure. I can spontaneously break into song!

Speaking of Poofy, if you live in the Philippines you can read a comic in the latest issue of MTV Ink! Don't you want to be as cool as this hippo? Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! IT'S TRIPLE THE AWESOME! YOU MUST ZOOM IN ON THE AWESOME! I have to thank Luis for being super-awesome (I need to expand my vocabulary, I know). He's super-awesome regardless of pushing Poofy onto Philippino youth (I will control their minds, mwaahahaah!). He also interviewed me for an article about young people making things, and I think I'll post the chat transcript here later because some people may find it interesting. Or...probably not. It's such an ego-trip to talk about yourself for a long time.

I should finish packing now. I'm bringing my laptop with me, so I can post things during my vacation...the blogging never stops!

March 10, 2004

Hoards of Japanese Tourists

Today I went to Universal Studios with my mum and brother (actually yesterday, but I was too lazy to post this last night). We went to the Back to the Future ride first and as we got closer, a hoard of uniformed Japanese students came seemingly out of nowhere. I'm guessing that they were high school students since I don't think college students wear uniforms. Actually, all day there were loads of Japanese tourists, not just that hoard that must've been an entire student body (really, there were that many!).

Spending the day in Universal was pretty nice after being in Disneyland for the past two days. For one thing, there are a lot less strollers in Universal. I've become afraid of strollers now because they seem like they could roll over my feet at any given moment (yet I've somehow avoided them so far). Disneyland is just swarming with strollers. (shudders)

So after the Back to the Future ride, my brother said we should go on the Jurassic Park ride. It was good, although you get pretty wet on it. You're basically in this huge vehicle that initially goes by a bunch of peaceful looking dinosaurs, and then everything goes horribly wrong and encounter some not-so-peaceful dinosaurs with lots of sharp teeth. And then there's a big drop in the end because...well, just because. That's the point! The last drop wasn't the thing that made you the most wet though. There were some instances before where you'd just get shot with water. I wasn't really prepared for it, so I was pretty much just thinking "CRAAAP" during the whole time.

Water ended up being a major theme in the Universal Studios experience. A lot of the interactive shows involved being sprayed with water in some way, like the Shrek 4-D show. It was really enjoyable, although every time Donkey sneezed, you'd get a small blast of water. All the seats in the theater moved, which I wasn't expecting, but I guess that's why it's 4-D and not plain ol' 3-D (that's for lesser mortals). There was another 3-D show for Terminator 2, which I thought was pretty good but not something I'd be inclined to see again. The 3-D effects were pretty impressive and the show itself was kind of...odd, but then I haven't seen the movie. I think when I was really little I saw bits of it, but had no idea what was going on.

Other shows that we saw were for Animal Planet, Spider-Man, and Waterworld. We also saw a special effects show and the backlot tour. Overall I guess everything was pretty good. The hosts for the special effects tour were funny and the Waterworld thing was funny because before the show started some of the actors would fill buckets with water and just toss it onto the audience. I would've gotten really annoyed after being drenched for the fourth time (really, these guy would do it over and over again), but some people must've enjoyed it. Some were armed with ponchos, so they must've expected it. Besides buckets, the guys also had these water guns that would suck in water and then pump it out like a hose. Thankfully the actor on my side of the stadium wasn't that masochistic and I didn't get wet at all. At the end of the show I realized that the actor was one of the two main clueless British soldiers from Pirates of the Caribbean, although I couldn't tell at first until they introduced everyone at the end of the show.

One thing about Universal Studios that suck is that it's almost completely devoid of fruits and salad. I got a fruit cup for lunch, but Disneyland is really chock full of fruit stands, to my surprise. Like all the food they sell though, the fruit is pretty overpriced. $1.50 for a banana? Or an apple? Or an orange? I guess it's still the cheapest thing you could get to eat there though, besides candy or something. A hot dog and chips is $7. It might be some gigantic mutant hot dog, I don't know. The fruit is definitely just normal fruit.

I'll have to write separate entries about my other days...doh!

March 11, 2004

No Grocery Stores?

Today my mum and I went on a LA guided tour. We kind of planned it at the last minute as we've never really been there before and we may not come back to California for a while. It was a very nice tour during which we went through the financial district, the Hollywood sidewalk with all the stars and such, the Kodak Theater, Beverly Hills, the Farmer's Market, Venice Beach, and a wharf whose name I can't remember. You could probably guess that my favorite place was the Farmer's Market, which was chock full of FOOD. Crazy amounts of food. My mum bought some fruit and there was a vendor selling loads of nuts, so I bought half a pound of cashews and...other things. I ate way too much today is all.

There weren't that many people around the Kodak Theater and the Chinese Theater besides some tourists. I didn't know most of the actors and actresses on the sidewalk, although I guess my mum did. There was an Elvis impersonator and a Michael Jackson impersonator walking around. I bought a t-shirt because...well, I actually haven't bought any souvenirs here so far. I don't feel compelled to buy any Disney tchotckes (probably butchered that spelling) but cute t-shirts are always good. It says something like "Someone who loves me went to Hollywood and bought me this t-shirt" except I bought myself the t-shirt, so maybe that's stupid.

Beverly Hills is such a beautiful place. I wouldn't be able to live there though (besides the not being filthy rich part) because they have no grocery stores. Then again, I'm sure there's something nearby, but the whole place is just residential and I think that would bother me. It doesn't seem very fun to just get peopel to deliver groceries to your house, but if you're busy making movies or something, then...I guess that's convenient? I had fun at the Farmer's Market. We went past a bunch of celebrities homes and Chris Rock had a TON of cars just out on his lawn and driveway. It was kind of funny, but it wasn't something you could really easily see. I mean, all these houses are gated with lots of trees in front, so if you put loads of cars on your front lawn, is that pretty much just so you can see them yourself? Like "Hey, I have a lot of cars!" Well, okay. Jay Leno's house was easier to see, and it looked really nice. Versace's house was really nice looking and his family apparently isn't going to do anything with it besides just leave it there. We saw Aaron Spelling's house from a bit far away, but it was just ridiculously massive, looming over his country club or something. We passed by Tom Hank's entertainment home, not that we could actually see it since there were loads of trees and junk in front along with a security guard. Dustin Hoffman had a nice house. Joe Pesci too. ....of course, all the houses are ridiculously beautiful, but just makes me wonder what people do with all that space. If I had loads of money, I'd want to design my own house (well, I'd get an architect) and...something or other. I'd want to live in an apartment because it's less likely I'd lose something that way.

It got really chilly by the time we got to Venice Beach, which kind of sucked. It also got freakishly cloudly after the sky had been completely clear. Poo! Of course, the cold weather is nothing compared to NJ, so I shouldn't complain.

For dinner my mum, brother and I went to the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. All the fun of being in the rainforest while you eat...euh, exciting, no? Every now and then a gorilla would make noises and there would be thunderstorms. I got a huge house salad since it's really a side dish, and it was good. It was the only thing a raw vegan could eat there though.

Now my mum and brother are arguing about going on the Grizzly Bear Run ride at California Adventure. It's a river rapids type ride and I don't want to go on it because I don't want to get wet. I might buy a poncho tomorrow just for the ride. Argh. I mean, my brother said you WILL get wet and you MAY get soaked. Gee, what great odds. I didn't like being cold after the Jurassic Park ride yesterday, on which I didn't even get that wet, so I can't imagine how wet I'll get tomorrow.

Sorry if this entry sounds poopy, but I feel tired and I had been constipated for three days (or more) prior to last night. Except I still think something is wrong with my digestion, considering how much I've been eating.


[next day] I ended up going on the river rapids ride and I didn't get as wet as I thought I would. But apparently it was just luck. WOO!

March 12, 2004

Smells Like Trees

Today my family spent most of the time in California Adventure. We got there right at opening time and the first ride we went on was Soarin' Over California. I heard it was a really good ride, so I probably set my expectations too high, but it was really cool. It's a flight simulator type ride that takes place in front of a huge IMAX sized screen. There were three sections with three rows that...actually, I have no idea how to describe the set up. The screen shows scenes from all over California, except I didn't know exactly where they were except for the last one that went over Disneyland and ended with fireworks. Besides giving the illusion of flying, the ride also pumped some scents into your face (woohoo, chemicals). In the beginning when you fly over a forested area, everything smells....well, foresty. Piney. Mm. Later when flying over an orange grove, you smell oranges. Mm!

After that we went on the Grizzly Bear Run, a river rapids ride. You can potentially get very wet on it, but luckily I didn't get drenched. My legs got pretty soaked but my upper body was okay. The ride was fun, but there weren't any interesting things to look at during the ride besides some climging gear strewn upon the rocks at one point. At least on Big Thunder, there are some animals and junk standing around.

We went to Paradise Pier to go on Maliboomer and the Sun Wheel. Maliboomer reminded me of a ride from Space Camp that shoots you up and drops you back down. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, more like a way to get a good view over the area around Disneyland. The Sun Wheel is just a huge ferris wheel, so I thought it would be tame, but it actually made me the most nauseous out of any ride in either of the Disney parks. Or maybe any Disney park. The thing is that two thirds of the carriages aren't stationary and swing a pretty far distance as you go up. I don't really know how to explain it, but if you see a photo you can see the track that the carriages rock back and forth on. They rocked a LOT more than I thought they would and it was pretty scary. And then I got nauseous and that kind of ruined the "Hey, you can see everything from up here!" excitement. Doh. We also watched a pretty good Aladdin stage show with the magic carpet flying around and ...stuff. The theater it was in was really huge.

After lunch we went to Disneyland Park (I forgot that Disneyland Park is just called that and not the Magic Kingdom like in Disney World, which has four parks) to see a Snow White stage show. That was also good, although I'm not as into Snow White. I haven't seen that movie in a pretty long time. We also went on Roger Rabbits Car-Toon Spin in which you're in a cartoony cab and you can make it spin around and around because...well, because! Why not? My mum wanted to go on the Storybook Land ride and the Casey Jr Train, which both center around this area with miniature sets from Disney movies. Very cute little place, but not all that exciting. I guess little kids enjoy it though. And my mum. After we ate dinner we watched a parade featuring a bunch of Disney characters (not that they'd feature anything else). The weather was getting chilly and as I'm prone to feeling cold all the time, I ended up looking for a shirt to buy. Most Disney-clothing isn't stuff you're likely to want to wear out of the park, but I found a nice sweater (for little boys) that just says "Disneyland" on it, kind of like a baseball team's lettering. So I'm happy with that, and I wouldn't mind wearing it back home. WOO!

Gotta go to sleep. Tomorrow we're waking up at 7:30 or something to get to the park at opening time again.

March 13, 2004

Technical Difficulties

My family used Fastpass to get onto Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which cut what may have been a nearly 60 minute wait to about 10. We got on the ride and all seemed well, but when we got up the first ramp to where the water falls over the rocks to the sides of the train, everything stopped. Hm, maybe a few glitches? We were stuck in that position for a while (what a great place, right next to the rushing water which made you feel like you were in a light drizzle) before the lights were turned on and everyone had to be escorted off the train and walked back to the entrance. We were all given passes to go on any other ride quickly, not just Fastpass ones. We don't need to use it though, so we'll just keep it somewhere as a memento.

That was the most interesting thing that happened today. It was a pretty long day, waking up at 7:30 AM and besides a 90 minute break at the hotel, walking around both parks until after 11 PM. We went to Disneyland first to ride Big Thunder (the time it broke down was at night), and then my mum and I wanted to collect a bunch of Fastpass tickets at souvenirs since each ride's ticket looks a little different. (In case you don't know, Fastpass is a way to decrease your waiting time by returning at a designated time later in the day. It's usually not that much later, and we tend to use ours way after the 1-hour period. I'm not sure why the tickets say to return between two times when all you have to do is return after the earlier time. It's a good system and is worth using if the wait for a ride is more than 30 minutes.) We went on the Pooh's Adventure ride, which was my third time. It's really cute and has the trippiest scene of Pooh's dream that involves a lot of fluorescent colors things, mirrors, rotating circles...if someone were on that ride and on drugs, they'd probably just freak out.

I can't remember what we did after that, but we went to California Adventure for lunch and went to the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire show. It was pretty cool, although I was bad at it. The person in the hot seat can win a Disney Cruise package by getting to the 1 million point mark. During the show I saw, two people ended up in the hot seat but only got as far as the first plateau of 1,000 points. Still, it's a lot better than how I would've done. One question asked what the gerund of a sentence was...huh? Oh well, they got a bunch of collectible pins...woo! The host of the show was amusingly overenthusiastic.

We all went to a Disney Playhouse show which was for really little kids, but it was still cute. I think it was based on shows on the Disney Channel, with that big bear and the big round headed yellow dudes, the boy and his fish, and the Winnie-The-Pooh puppet thing. It was kind of chaotic being surrounded by loads of little kids jumping around and stuff. Oh, what it's like to be that little...I have no idea! :\ My mum and I went to the animation studio to see some little movies about animation and Walt Disney. There was also an interative part that was awesomely decorated, and in one room you could record your voice into different Disney movie scenes. I tried to do one from Bambi...of course, it sucked, but it was interesting to see how much I sucked. I hadn't seen Bambi in a while and forgot that he was male.

We went back to Disneyland to eat dinner because we made reservations at the Blue Bayou restaurant in New Orleans Square. It's the restaurant that's inside the Pirates of the Caribbean building that's made to look like it's outside. It is kind of weird to go inside a restaurant in order to feel like you're outside, but...it's a fun idea too. Also, it's pretty much the only formal dining restaurant in the park. They didn't have a salad listed on the menu, but they had it as a side dish with the entrees so I just got a double portion of it. Also, beforehand I succumbed to the evilness of FOOD and bought trail mix. Doh! I knew it was all roasted, but I was really curious to see what it tasted like and whether it would affect me. So far I haven't had any problems and luckily, none of the nuts were salted. Roasted almonds taste WAY different from raw almonds. Raw ones taste better, if you ask me. Roasted pumpkin seeds taste better than the raw ones though. Anyway! Now I'm am deviating from my diet in little ways...not like I'm going to go to Disneyland again anytime soon. :| I was getting kind of depressed after watching my brother eating a confection of three marshmallows on a stick dipped in caramel, chocolate, and nuts.

After taking a little break at the hotel, we went back to California Adventure to see the Electrical Parade. I must've seen it a buttload of times by now, but it's always enjoyable. I don't like any other parades very much. It consists of loads of floats covered in...loads of lights, and it's a really old parade (since the 60s? Not really sure). I don't think it's been changed much in the past few decades. It used to be in Disneyland and when it was ending there some bagillion people showed up and staked out spots on the parade route first thing in the morning to see it. Yikes!

Right after that parade ended, we (along with hundreds of other people) went right across the Disneyland since California Adventure was closing. That was when we went on the malfunctioning Big Thunder. We decided to wait for Fantasmic after that so we could get a good spot. Fantasmic is a show that involved live characters, elaborate costumes, music, movie clips, boats, water, fire, fireworks, pyrotechnics...now that I think about it, maybe it was an attempt to shove every possible source of entertainment into one show. It's been around for a while, but it's still pretty cool. It all takes place in the river by Frontierland (I know it has a name, but I can't remember it) and movie clips are projected from behind screens made of misting water. It's never messed up when I've seen it, but if it were really windy then it probably wouldn't work.

Crap, I'm tired! I get to sleep in tomorrow, wooo!

March 14, 2004

The Essence of Disney

Today my family decided to sleep in after waking up early in the morning every day of this week. We signed up to go on a three and a half hour guided tour called "A Walk i Walt's Footsteps" that would go around the park and talk about Walt Disney.

....I've been completely sidetracked by browsing mouseplanet.com for the past...um, long time. I was thinking that if I go to England this summer, I could go to Disneyland Paris. They're not exactly the same place, I know, but they're closer together than France and NJ. My geography is bad, but not that bad. ;) But I really don't know how long it takes to get to Paris from London. Eh, anyway! I also read the pages about Tokyo DisneySea and my god, it's absolutely amazing looking. It basically looks like Disney made by Japanese people. What does that mean? I don't even know. I didn't realize that the Tokyo parks aren't own by Disney, which, as sad as this may be, may explain why they seem so much better than the American parks. The last time I went to Tokyo Disneyland was in 1997, but I still remember that the park seemed nicer. There are probably a few reasons for that...can't think of them right now though. I could talk about this for ages.

But! Back to today. Man, I'm tired and I have to take a shower. I'm alone in the hotel right now because my mum and brother went back to the park, although not together. The park closes at midnight so I'd think they'll be coming back soon. Anyway! The tour. It was very nice and informative. I'd never be able to be a tour guide. Our guide was named Timmy and had to speak loudly and clearly to the 14 or so people in the group, which he'd have to do anyway, but considering we were walking among a Saturday afternoon crowd with loads of noise it was even more important that he do so. It must be weird to have to speak so slowly...when you speak slowly it sounds really slow in your head but doesn't sound as slowly to your listeners. I think. Also, he sounded...gay? I hope that doesn't sound too weird. How does one even sound gay? I'm not even sure what that means, but I've had friends that sounded gay and (as far as I know) were not. Now that I think about it, I really don't know what it means to sound gay...okay, my thoughts are sounding really stupid now.

We learned lots of things about Walt, although I can't recall a lot of it. That's because my memory is nonexistent. I remember that he died from lung cancer complications (he was a heavy smoker) and his wife died from breast cancer, although muuuuch later than him. And the Disney Gallery in New Orleans Square was originally going to be an apartment for him and his family. After learning more about Walt, I really am amazed by everything he has created. Disneyland is really unlike any other theme park. Each land is so well themed and completely separate from the others, and there are all these details that you may not notice when they're present, but if they were gone you'd feel like something is missing (I think I'm screwing up all my tenses, but you know...grammar sucks). Walt wanted to make a place where parents and children could have fun together and it really is like that in the park (although I wish that all strollers would burn in hell). That's a problem with California Adventure, I think; there aren't enough things for parents and children to do together. Then again, I don't have kids, so I shouldn't care that much. I'm not a big fan of California Adventure.

The Disney parks that I like the most are the ones that Walt was involved in. I didn't realize that he didn't do any planning for MGM Studios, and I can't say much about Animal Kingdom since I've only been there once for a short amount of time, but while both parks are still better than a typical theme park, there's something...missing? Epcot Center is my favorite park for some reason. It's not even all that tied in with Disney characters and such, but it's just so...Disney. At least now it is. I find it interesting how Disneyland can have rides that have nothing to do with Disney characters, like Big Thunder or Space Mountain, but are just so representative of Disney. Do you know what I mean? I might not be making any sense right now.

I would say more about the tour, but my brain is shutting down. At the end of the tour we all got dinner (mm, salad) and a souvenir pin and Mardi Gras beads). I asked one of the guides (there were two) about Space Mountain being closed, and I don't feel as bad about it anymore because the entire track has been dismantled. The moutain is...empty, pretty much? That must be a strange sight. It won't open again until spring of 2005. (sigh)

It's my last night here! Wah!

March 17, 2004

The Life of a Tissue

Today I woke up feeling like there was a block in my throat. Not very fun, eh? Last night I started to feel sick (technically last-last night...I stay up too late), and my mum also felt like she had a sore throat. However, she felt fine this morning, while I was left with some kind of mucus build-up in my throat. I guess things could be worse though; I can breathe through my nose fine. I just have to blow my nose every now and then. It would really suck to be a tissue, eh? Get snot blown all over you and then crumpled up and tossed into a wastebasket. What a crappy life. *blows nose*

It snowed today. What the heck is up with that? I guess it's a good thing I came home yesterday instead of today. If only I were still in California...*sigh*. It was kind of chilly in CA near the end of the vacation, but it's much colder here. It's sunny here though, so I think I could actually get a tan here if I...eh, went outside. I got a tan in CA even though it wasn't even always sunny. Mmwell.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store, Pearl Paint, and B&N with my mum. We both thought we'd gain loads of weight from the trip, but we actually weighed about the same as before. This tells me that if I hadn't eaten so much, I would have actually lost weight. I gained nearly 10 pounds since the beginning of school and now weigh more than I did a year ago. Now if I had muscle, this wouldn't be a problem...but I don't. So it is! I don't know how to lose the weight now and I'm not sure how I did it last year. I did lose a few pounds when I went to Mexico just from eaten less overall, but to do that again would require going to a place like Mexico where I just can't get food. In the resort I stayed at though, there was actually a grocery store. Eh, anyway...poop. I hate being so self-conscious about my weight, but the majority of the American population is overweight and I'd rather not be part of the statistic. The current issue of I.D. has a great article about designing for overweight and obese people as they are becoming the norm in this country. I'm really bothered by the alteration of clothing sizes because if I'm a size 6 or 7, just tell me that; I know I'm not a size 2 or 3 yet in many cases that's what I end up buying. It's scary how much the human body has changed in this country over the past few decades.

I bought an issue of mental_floss just for fun. Always fun to learn random junk.

Speaking of random junk, Sandy just sent me this link: favorite swear word. Funny! I don't have a favorite swear word though, although I do say "crap" and "poop" a lot. That's as bad as it gets.

Today I lazied around the house and did absolutely nothing. I have homework though, so this isn't a very good thing. I have to write a composition for Japanese and do some biology homework. The last thing I want to do right now is anything related to school. Why can't I be excited for school? Argh! And, once again, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. It wouldn't be good for me to have a breakdown at 18 years of age. Didn't I go through this already? I've decided art school is pretty much out of the question, so now I can doodle to my hearts content. I'm still interested in health, but crap at science. Japanese would be fun to learn, but Japan is...far. And expensive. I doubt I'd ever live there and if I did, it might be weird as a Chinese American who doesn't know Chinese and only minimal Japanese. Could I be mistaken for a Japanese person? People keep thinking I'm Korean. I can't tell most Asians apart, but I think Japanese people are sometimes easy to pick out. It may be more of a style thing though. In Disneyland there were a significant number of Japanese people (but isn't Tokyo Disneyland better? I really liked it there) who all had...really nice hair. That's all I can think of at the moment. I really wish my hair wasn't prone to getting wavy and greasy (eh, I need to wash it).

Terminlogy differences between American and England. I don't think any British people read this, but...plimsolls? I heard of that before, but what the heck does that mean? Then again, the word "sneakers" doesn't mean much either. Plimsolls? Actually, I like the sound of that. But I can't imagine saying, "Bugger, my plimsoll laces have untied themselves!" Okay, no one would ever say that.

I never talked about my Sunday morning! Oops. I woke up early to go to Disneyland with my mum. We went on Big Thunder first and then tried to go on Splash Mountain, but the ride was down for some reason. Wah. So we went on the Pooh ride instead and the Haunted Mansion. We went on some Fantasyland rides and walked around before going into California Adventure just to visit some stores. Then we went back to the hotel as my brother was just getting up (his park pass was only for 5 days while ours were for 6), and he later went to Downtown Disney. It always sucks to have to leave a Disney park at the end of the vacation, but I think the parks will be more crowded now that it's getting more into spring break. My brother and I just happened to have it pretty early in the month.

I don't want to go back to school! :(

March 21, 2004


I know I have homework. Now that I've had two weeks of spring break to do it, it's the Sunday afternoon before classes and I still haven't touched bio.

Oh well. Today I was too lazy to get real food, so I figured I could fast for a while. But no...I brought dried fruit and nuts from home, so I ate that. I thought "Well, there's no way I'd want to just eat dried stuff all day!" HAHA. I have a 1 lb bag of cashews and I have no idea how much I've eaten so far. Argh! Stupid fake hunger! I'm still in my pjs, of course.

I got back to school last night at around 10:30 PM. My original plan was to leave my house at around 4 PM, but I woke up at 2 PM and didn't want just 2 hours to sulk around the house before going back to school. Need more sulking time! So my mum and I went grocery shopping and we saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I really liked the movie, but I wouldn't be able to bear watching it again because the camera movements were pretty shaky and made me feel like puking. Dancer in the Dark did the same thing to me. Good movies need to have non-shaky camera movements! For my sake! ME! Oh well. :) The movie is about Jim Carrey's character Joel erasing the memories he had of his girlfriend, Clementine, played by Kate Winslet, because she had her memories erased. There's a lot more to it than that (Elijah Wood plays a rather evil character, mwahahaha) but I think that's the gist. I forgot that there was a Beck song in it, but I liked it...and now I want the soundtrack. The music in the movie is really nice. The way the movie was shot is interesting...hooray for Michel Gondry!

I stayed up until 4 AM last night and woke up at about 12:30 today. Sleep is good. That's what Sundays are for. Today I've been trying to figure out what to do for my photos section and I made this up so far. Nothing flashy. Can't deal with that. Can't...design...stuff. Brain dead. Correct grammar non-existent.

I haven't updated this blog in a few days, but I haven't been doing many blog-worthy activities. I met my high school English teacher on Friday night, which was nice. There was a production being put on by the University Program students and I met her after that. She said she has a class of students this year who actually enjoy reading and things like that. She must be really happy. :D I mean, I definitely didn't experience that throughout my high school years. I always felt bad for my teacher for having to put up with so much crap. Actually, the same goes for all my teachers. Honors classes, CP classes, AP classes...99% of the time there was someone who made the class suck more than they already did. The only exception I can think of was my 12th grade psychology class. Everyone in the class was nice to each other and respectful to the teacher. *gasp!* Yes, I know.

Unless you live in Taiwan or are from Taiwan, you probably haven't heard much about the Taiwanese elections that just took place. Or the president and vice president being shot and the controversy behind that. I have no idea who was president when I lived in Taiwan. Actually, I had no idea what the president really did...I can't imagine being that clueless about the government in the US. Then again, most of the world seems to know what's going on in the American political system. Anyhoo, President Chen Shui-bian was re-elected by a very narrow margin which is pissing off a lot of people. I have no idea what the candidates are like, but my mum doesn't like Shui-bian, so I'm guessing he must be pretty bad. Which means my dad probably likes him. Ha ha. He got a picture of President Bush and his wife in the mail for supporting them...like what are we supposed to do with the photo? Eh.

I can't think of anything else to write at the moment, except that I must've eaten a lot of cashews. OH, I just remembered something. On Friday for lunch, my mum and I ate out at a buffet place we haven't been to in more than a year. We used to go there a lot and since they have fruit, we figured it'd be okay. I actually decided to try some cooked veggies. COOKED! GAAAASSSPPUH! I've been rethinking the raw food diet for a while and I figured I may as well try something cooked, as long as it's not deep fried cheese sticks or spaghetti or something. I didn't feel any weird effects from it and since it's already Sunday, I don't think anything bad will happen. So I guess if I had to eat out somewhere, cooked veggies would be okay. They're more filling than salad, at least. If it were up to me though, I'd only have to eat fruit. You can't get all your minerals from fruit though. :(

March 23, 2004

Buying Spree

These first two days back at school have been...okay. Nothing bad has happened, at lease. No disembodied victims. No freak accidents involving exploding televisions. [thumbs up] There are homeless dummies around campus though. When I first saw one, I was really confused (I probably wasn't very awake at the time either) but I think they're supposed to represent war veterans and the state of living many of them are in. I guess it's effective, but I don't know if we're really supposed to put our change into the little containers next to the dummy. Or if homeless people have yellow heads (I kid, haha!...ugh, nevermind).

Today in bio lab we did an eletrophoresis something or other. It's probably a bad thing that I don't know what it's called, but basically we made a bunch of wells in some gel, filled the wells with DNA from worms we extracted before vacation, did some stuff, waited a long time, swooshed the gel around, waited some more, and ended up with some line patterns in the gel (when viewed over UV light). And...tada! I guess I don't hate bio, but I don't really like it either. I just wish I understood whatever the heck it is that I happen to be doing during these labs.

I've been eating a lot lately. My god, a headline! I finished my 1 lb bag of cashews in less than three days and I'll finish my 1 lb bag of pistachios tomorrow that I started eating today. To be fair, a 1 lb bag of pistachios is not really a pound because they're all in shells, but I doubt the shells weigh much. Also, my period is a week late, which hasn't happened for a while. The last time it happened I may not have gotten my period at all. As nice as it is to not have your period (and those of the male persuasion, just be very, very, very happy you're not a girl), I think it's healthy in that your body gets to cleanse itself. However, if you're living in optimal conditions and eating a healthy diet while also exercising, you may not need it at all. I really don't know how I stopped getting my period for about 4 or 5 months last spring. I didn't feel sick or anything (damn, I was happy) but I don't know how to explain it either. No, I wasn't anorexic...har har.

After seeing the UP Program at my high school last Friday, I realized that I should stretch more. Or move more. I was so impressed with the dancers and how limber they were. Assuming they're human, I should be able to train my body to do that too, right? I won't try to do a split or anything, but I ought to be able to have a wider range of movement than just being able to touch my toes (for a while I couldn't even do that much).

I walked a lot today because during a long period of waiting in bio lab, the teacher said we didn't have to stick around in class. Woo! But there were a lot of things I wanted to do in the 30 minutes or so that I had. I went back to my room, then to the ACDC, then back to my room and back to bio lab. Thank god this campus is small. Still, that's at least 20 minutes (and a bunch of stairs) of walking, which is a lot...for me. Sadly.

I've been buying a lot of things lately. Bad. BAD! Always bad! But I've wanted to buy books from overstock.com and opalmusic for a really long time. The problem with overstock is that books that were there before will disappear. This book that I've wanted for months (although not desperately so) isn't even at amazon.com right now. I think it used to be at overstock...oh well. This is what I bought:

  1. Pictoplasma
  2. The Art of Looking Sideways
  3. The Imagineering Way
  4. Beth Orton - The Other Side Of Daybreak

Kind of random, but not. I "needed" Pictoplasma and I saw the Imagineering book at Disneyland. I don't think I've ever seen The Art of Looking Sideways before, but it sounded really interesting. I bought it purely based on other people's comments. I don't know why I drop money so easily on books. And Beth Orton rules, of course.

Here are my opalmusic purchases:

  1. Magnet - Lay Lady Lay - CD
  2. Magnet - Last Day Of Summer - 12"
  3. Plone - Press a Key - 7"
  4. Mum - Nightly Cares 3"

I got a paycheck when I got back from break, so I'm kind of going nuts. (sigh) And I want all of Ephemera's albums.

CD Baby is a nice site. Lots of sound clips and recommendations...ya! Listen to this. I think I'll buy it. ...oh wait, it's not in stock. Damn it! Oh wel. Man, this is just the kind of music I like. How come I haven't heard this before? Ahh! Ooh, I like this too.

Here are my unconscious mutterings:

  1. Wife::Husband
  2. Criminal::Investigation
  3. Campaign::Money
  4. Infection::Disease
  5. Portland::Oregon
  6. NASCAR::Racing
  7. IMAX::Theater
  8. Martian::Landing
  9. Nike::Shoes
  10. Trial::and Error

March 27, 2004

School is for Doing Schoolwork, Right?

I really don't do much homework. Now I'm wondering what I do here at all. Honestly, in psychology we don't get any homework (not that I'm happy about having my entire grade riding on a few tests), in music we won't have homework for another week, in bio we...well, on Sunday I have to get together with my lab partner to work on our poster about worms and crap. And in Japanese we have homework every day, but that's not too bad. I don't know what I do with the rest of my time though, which worries me. I definitely need to study Japanese vocabulary more. Many times I find myself recognixing words but not having the slightest clue what they mean. I still don't really know what "omedetou" means! Alright, I'll just look in the dictionary now...it means "congratulations". In my class we made a giant card for our language fellow because she just got married and I didn't know what to write, so I just wrote "omedetou" like everyone else. ;D

I really can't imagine getting a regular job when I graduate college. Or just doing anything...very normal. I would love to be able to have an entire Poofy empire (mwahaha) but that's a far fetched dream. But then what else can I do? And why the hell am I even thinking about that right now? I called NYU to see if they had all my stuff and they said yes, so maybe I'll be a food specialist. Or something. Wouldn't it be funny if I had POOFY brand food? Raw pudding for everyone! ;)

Last night I was putting the finishing touches on some cloud buttons I started drawing a long time ago. Look okee? I'll probably add them to the Poofy shop. I changed the snowing one so that it doesn't have a scarf anymore and I made the raindrops in the lightning one lighter so they'd contrast with the background better.

Speaking of Poofy, I sold TWO t-shirts this morning to two classmates in my Japanese class. Awesome! The people in my class are the best. I guess that affects why I like that class the most out of all the ones that I've taken.

Right now I'm working on a Poofy book that compiles the first 50 comic strips. Sound good? It'll probably look kinda sucky since I'm using Word to lay out everything, but hopefully the quality of the printing and materials will be good. I'm going to use Lulu.com to print them.

I bought these two shirts from the Market NYC, although I probably won't buy anything. Oh, I also want to eat an Bonobos! Eek, all I can associate with NYC is shopping and food. ...then again, a lot of other people probably think that too. It just isn't healthy for me to think about food so frequently. (sigh) I'm not all that healthy.

Tonight I went to some *gasp* school activities. First was a showing of The Station Agent, after which I went to a comedy show. I didn't know what to expect, but I thought the movie was very good. It's not totally out of this world, but it's unlike any other movie I've seen. There isn't a concrete storyline to follow and it ends a bit abruptly...I wish it had been longer! If you have the chance to see it and aren't one of those people who only likes movies with car chases and explosions, I think you'll like it. It's a funny movie, mainly because of this one character who is overly friendly and hyper.

The comedy show was pretty funny. It had its weird, awkward moments, but also had some extremely random and memorable skits. Like the one with the business bear who couldn't sell diapers. That will be burned into my mind because the guy playing the bear (who lives across the hall from me, although I think he pretty much lives at his girlfriend's dorm now) was wearing diapers and...nothing else. Except makeup to make him skin browner. This guy in my Japanese class played a mole who was a custodian. Anyhoo, the point of the skit was that this company hired a bunch of animals to do jobs and then got mad at the animals for not being able to do human jobs. It probably sounds stupid when I say it, but it was really funny. Eh, what else...the opening skit was pretty funny. A bunch of the group members were using custodial equipment and trash bins to make rhymic sounds, like the show Stomp, and...oh, nevermind, I can't really explain it. I mean, I'm too lazy.

...and it's not even 1 AM yet! I stay up later than this on most school nights. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? Doh. This week, although easy going, has felt incredibly long. I feel like I've been here for two weeks already.

March 28, 2004


Today I went out of my room, even though I didn't have to. GASP! Yes. I thought it might not be very healthy to stay in my room for hours on end (I did wake up this morning at around 10:40 and went to the post office to pick up a package) so in the afternoon I decided to walk down to the lake and read there. By that time however, it was getting a bit chilly and windy, so I didn't stay out very long. I should remind myself to do all computer stuff at night and walking-around stuff earlier in the day when the SUN might be higher overhead. Blah. While I was sitting by the lake, I noticed this squirrel that was rummaging in the trash can nearby. It kept fishing out...peanuts (in the shell). It would take a peanut in its mouth, dig a little hole in the group, put the peanut in the hole, and pat some dirt on top. I thought it was really cute to watch, but I thought it was weird because I don't recall ever seeing that before and I've lived around squirrels for nearly all of my life. I don't usually sit outside to read, though.

About a week ago my mum wrote me an e-mail and in it wrote, "I made it back home at 12:01, felt like cinderella." For some reason I thought that was such a funny thing to say. In a cute way. I would've just said, "I made it back home at 12:01," and left it at that.

For the past few days (3, including today) I've been doing semi-24 hour fasts. That just means I eat one meal a day at the same time. Not a big deal, I guess. I'd think that by doing this I'd be cutting down the amount of food I'm eating, but my mum still thinks I'm eating too much. I probably ate too much today because on my way back to my room from the lake, I stopped by the Retreat and picked up some non-raw trail mix. Ooh, yes. Evil. It had raisins, peanuts, and cashews. As far as I know, peanuts aren't good for you, but I didn't get any weird reactions when I ate them before. Oh well, it shouldn't kill me considering how much trail mix I ate in Disneyland. So what did I eat today?

2 oranges
1 banana
7-8 oz of dried fruit and nuts (the trail mix I bought was 5oz, and I ate a bunch of almonds and some dried figs
1 organic food bar

That's kind of a half cooked/half raw meal, now that I think about it. That's way too many nuts. No more unsalted non-raw trail mix. (sigh)

I kind of have to lose weight before I go to NYC on April 10th since I'm planning to buy food and I don't want to be too depressed by what's on the scale. I shouldn't even use a scale...they just annoy me. But but but. BLAH. I think I have an unhealthy relationship with food, but there's not a whole lot I can do about it that wouldn't involve changing my body chemistry.

I've been thinking something stupid lately (yeah, I do that a lot). Sometimes it kind of pains me when people are really nice to me. It's stupid, yes, but there's a point. Kind of. No one is comfortable enough to be anything but really nice to me. It's not that people would be mean otherwise, but joking around or not being really formal about everything isn't something I encounter much. It's nice how everyone is so...nice, but it would be nice to be on the level of acting like an ass with more people. I have some friends, for whom I'm thankful for, but sometimes I think I'm missing out on something really huge. I just don't know what it is. Would life be any better in NYC?

About NYC, while I was seeing the squirrle bury the peanuts, I thought that if I live in NYC, I'll never see something like that, or get to sit in front of a big peaceful lake (that's full of toxic chemicals though). But that's not really what I'm into, I guess.

Back to what I was saying. The guys who live across the hall are some of the nicest people I've ever met, but they're also some of the most incredibly odd people I've ever met. Actually, I'm not sure what I'm trying to say about them except that it's like each of them is made up of two people...oh, nevermind. Everyone's like that.

Maybe the peanuts are making my brain rot.

unconscious mutterings:

  1. Pitbull::dog
  2. TD::table cell
  3. Carter::Jimmy
  4. Japan::Nihon
  5. 50::feet
  6. Streak::winning
  7. Rifle::gun
  8. Trap::mouse
  9. Easter::Sunday
  10. Mitt::baseball

March 29, 2004

Gee, It's Late

I don't know what compelled me to start writing an entry at this hour when I have to wake up for classes tomorrow, but here I am. Typing. Typee type type toopity top plop plorp blat gobuflurtorb. I think something's amiss in my head, so I'll just ramble for a bit. What is the point of my blog? So I can talk to myself? I think that's what I'm doing right now. Hello, Robyn, how are you? I'm okay, except for the sharp sensation of ticks burrowing into my leg...[looks down]...well, what do you know, there are ticks burrowing into my leg!

Okay, no there aren't. I don't know what compelled me to write that. That wasn't even funny. Disturbing, maybe. Writing is a strange thing.

I've started using bloglines to organize all my blog viewing into one handy dandy page and taskbar notifier. So that's what all that RSS junk was for...ahh. You can subscribe to mine too if you're like me and happen to read more than 10 websites that have rss feeds.

My mind is going blank now, which makes this one of the most pointless entries ever. Hm. Today one of my Japanese classmates came to my room to practice a dialogue that we're being tested on and she said she wanted to buy a Poofy shirt! Woohoo! If she actually buys one, I'll have almost sold all of my shirts. I was thinking of submitting one to the toothpaste for dinner contest but I don't have the right size shirt. D'oh. I submitted a Poofy plush last year (when I hadn't reached the age requirement of 18 years...ooh, I'm such a rebel) and got a button, so I don't think I'd win anything this year. Today I got a creative commons license for poofy.net because I figured that could be important...kind of. Not that anyone would want to rip off my comic, but just because.

I worked on my Poofy book (a compilation of the first 50 comics) for hours this weekend and I still don't really know what I'm doing with it. All I've decided is that it'll be 6x9 inches because I think that's easier to read than 8.5x11 (which sounds stupid because all the comics will be smallerm but...blah). I want to write a little commentary for each comic, but I'm not sure how to lay it out. Right now I'm putting each comic on its own page and putting all the commentary together after the comics section. My original idea was to put it under the second page of each comic, but buttloads of space were wasted that way and I didn't really want that. I need more pages than I have now though (about 70, but should have at least 120) so...I don't know. I guess I could make a huge section with early Poofy drawings, but that require a lot more time than I originally planned to put into this thing. I guess I should make it good though because I'm planning to buy an ISBN package that costs about $100 to get my book listed in a big directory and be made available at amazon.com and bn.com. My goal is to get this done before I turn 19 so I can say that I published a book when I was 18. ;)

Then again, when people find out that I didn't publish a glowing work of fiction or an informative work of non-fiction, they might be disappointed. "You published a comic book? With crappy drawings?" Yes! Heeellll yes. I can't wait for the day.

This afternoon (okay, yesterday afternoon) I went to a lecture by Dave Eggers. He told some funny anecdotes about working at 826 Valencia, which is a creative writing center/independent pirate store. I didn't know whether to believe what he was saying at first, but he showed a video of the store and...my god, it's a full out pirate shop with all your pirating needs. Brilliant. I didn't know that he's the editor of McSweeney's. I've never read it before, but that's probably because it looks intimidating to me. Golly gee, lookit all them wurds. I want the latest issue because of the Chris Ware-ness, but haven't been able to find it yet. Grr. He was selling books after the lecture, but I couldn't afford the book I really wanted, entitled Giraffes? Giraffes!, so I bought an issue of the 826 Valencia Quarterly. Dammit, I wanted the Giraffe book. I didn't have my wallet on me, but I always keep a $20 around just in case. Maybe I should up that amount. So I didn't actually buy anything written by him, but last year I heard about A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and later one of my friends recommended the book to me. I have yet to buy it, but...you know what, I'll just buy it now.

...there I just bought it used for $7.19 at amazon.com (the shipping was almost the same as the price of the book). I didn't go for the absolutely cheapest book, but hopefully the $3.70 one isn't so bad.

Damn, it's almost 2 AM? I do need to go to sleep.

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