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Hell Week is Over

No more finals. NO MORE! I thought this day would never come. After a week of unecessary freaking out and lack of sleep due to aforementioned freaking out, I am home and classwork-free!

So what has been going on this week? Well...I don't really remember. Hm. I think on Tuesday I tried to study for my anthropology test, which was rather pointless because, just my luck, the questions on it were ones I didn't know well. My teacher gave us a list of nine possible essay questions, two of which would be on the final, from which we would pick one. There was one question that completely confused me. In my mind, it didn't seem like a very good question so I figured "Oh, he won't ask this one." Well, it was no surprise then that he DID. I thought it was funny. Chuckle haha. The other question was one I didn't know very well either, but I managed to write an 800-word or so essay. I think I can get a B on it, which is good enough for me. Have low standards and you won't get disappointed.

I felt really awful the morning of the final (Wednesday), probably due to stress and fasting. My digestive system has been craptacular all week, although I think it's better now than last weekend when I was puking somewhat profusely. Lemme tell you kiddies: Puking is not fun. Actually, what's less fun than puking is WAITING to puke, huddled over the porcelain throne staring at the stagnant toilet water as you try to hawk up something but just get dry heaves or nothing at all. The puking itself is pretty bad too, but at least you know you'll feel better afterwards. Hopefully.

So back to what I was saying. Wednesday...oh yeah, that sucked. LIKE A VACUUM. (Why did I say that? Really...why?) The weather was dreary and resembled a level of hell (aka, it was cold and raining, which turned the snow into slushy goop). While I was walking to Blodgett Hall (one of the farthest classrooms from my dorm), I got a terrible ache in my abdomen. Could that be diarrhea? Why yes! Hey, we've all had it: no biggie. This was minutes before 9 AM when I was supposed to take my final though. Crap. I wasn't late for my final (it was self-scheduled) but I felt pretty awful. Thankfully, by the end of writing the essay, I felt better.

After my anthro final I studied for my Japanese final, which was at 5 PM until 7 PM. I think my Japanese final went okay...not that I got an A (that stopped happening early on in the semester, unfortunately), but maybe a B. Do I really have to get As anymore? I mean, I can't even get As anyway, so there isn't music point thinking about getting them.

Thursday I told myself I'd study for my astronomy test. And I did. Somewhat. Maybe. Not very well. In all honestly it wouldn't have mattered if I studied for 24 hours straight because I would have bombed the test anyway. I did a long study session with Liza (during which I drank tea...TEA, OH MY), which is what we usually do before astronomy tests to boost our confidence. I guess it did boost my confidence for the night, although I ended up not being able to sleep at all (I think I got two hours of sleep after attempting to fall asleep from 12-3 AM, getting up and going on the Internet for a while, going back to bed and falling asleep at around 5 AM). I think my inability to fall asleep was due to the excitement of getting to go home, the dreading of the astronomy final, and not eating very much food (however, I DID eat a lot of olive oil with nori).

And then came the test. The test to make me feel like I didn't actually attend any astronomy classes. I answered all the essay questions because my teacher stressed that he wouldbe giving partial credit, which I guess means he KNOWS most of us won't know what the hell we're talking about. I made up lots of stuff that is probably not right, but maybe I can get a tenth of a point for naming a body in the solar system. (sigh) It really was a disaster in my opinion (and Liza's) and I feel bad for my teacher because he has to grade my sucky-ass test. He's a nice guy, I just couldn't learn much.

I came home today (technically yesterday) after the test and thought "YES it's so good to be home!" Until I realized how annoying my dad is. Very, very annoying. So annoying that I want to go back to school. I can't explain it, but for some reason his brain just doesn't work correctly. He asks questions no one can answer, and for ones that mayve can be answered, he asks the wrong people. It's like he has some form of alztheimer's disease, but not really. I can't stand living with him, and I really have no idea why he comes back. For such a cheap person, he sure buys plane tickets to and from Taiwan frequently. Couldn't he save something like $5000 a year if he just stayed in one place? Anyway, I guess there isn't much point talking about how frustrated I get with him because it really doesn't make sense. He'll ask you questions, but not listen to your answers. He'll make up the answers that he wants to hear and forget you said anything.

So to get out of the house I went to see LOTR: The Return of the King with my mum. There were lots of previews, of which the Harry Potter trailer was the most interesting to me. I think that movie is going to be awesome, but those kids already look pretty old. Especially Draco Malfoy...ack! Oh well, it'll still be a cool movie. Anyway! I really liked the movie, but I can understand what I've heard about it not being as good as the second, or people liking the second one more in general. The fighting scenes are really good (Helm's Deep was nothing, apparently) and I like getting to see Frodo and Sam's journey more. There were lots of special effects that felt kind of tired after a while, but they were good effects. The spider was really freaky...jesus, I wonder what it took to shoot those scenes. I guess I'll find out in the SPECIAL EDITION DVD. I was most confused by Denethor's character because the movie doesn't really mention why he's...you know, CRAZY. I had to ask my mum about that after the movie since she listened to the books on tape. I really liked Pippin's role in this movie (here's my new desktop...okay, I think he's really cute). For most of the movie, everything felt hopeless and ...wait, do you guys know the story? I guess I shouldn't be giving anything away. I knew the ending of the book because I asked my mum, but...well, you know everything is happy in the end. Insanely happy. I wanted to cry. Dammit, I hate when movies do that to me (which is probably why I'm not a movie person. I don't like having my emotions stirred up!). Now I'm thinking of finally reading the LOTR. ...by listening to them on tape. Mwahaha.

Damn, I'm tired. Need more sleep.

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I'm almost done with reading ROTK, then I can go see the movie! I am so frickin' excited to see it. And yes, Pippin is cute. Aw.

Hell week has passed, wahoo. Not being able to sleep before a final really sucks ass, but apparently that's a really common phenomenon. Anyway, that's all long and gone now..

Have a happy holiday, Robyn. Cheers!

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