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November 1, 2003

They're Not Tomatoes

When people come into my room and see all the fuyu persimmons I have, they usually think they're tomatoes. It's perfectly understandable, as sometimes I have mistaken tomatoes for persimmons when in the grocery store during the persimmons off-season when I desire persimmons so badly that I become delusional. "Persimmons in August?!...dammit, it's a tomato." Anyway, the other day two guys from my floor saw my persimmons while visiting my roommate (one guy said something along the lines of, "Someone here has a lot of tomatoes") and wondered what they tasted like. My roommate, who's Asian and likes persimmons too (I say Asian because we now joke the lack of persimmon knowledge as a "white person" thing...is it?) and I weren't sure how to describe it, so I cut one up for them to try. One of the guys initially tried to cut the skin off with a fork...mm, yeah, anyway, a sharp knife is much better for cutting than a fork, just so you know. :) So one guy said they tasted kind of like an unripe mango and the other guy said it smelled like sweat. So overall it's like a sweaty, unripe mango. HAHAHA! Great description. I don't know if I agree with it though.

So that's what was on my mind. How sad. Well, there are other things going on in my brain too. First off, I got my period the other day. It's the shortest one I've had since February or March (4 weeks). I think this is a direct result of my INTENSE CHEESE EATING that happened last week. It would definitely make sense; why else would I get my period? I guess this is a sign that cheese is definitely not good, although I'd think that cooked cheese is ever worse, if you want to keep that in mind. And I think it also means I will really not be eating any cooked food or dairy products (maybe cut out the sashimi too) since I can almost immediately see what effect they have on the body. It's kind of scary, but I really think that having your period is a sign of "toxins" in the body. The longest time I went without getting my period this past year was when I was a vegan. I got my period after I may have eaten some raw fish, although it wasn't immediate. I also got it again when I was going through an intestinal clease, which was completely unsurprising. And now I'm not surprised again. But no more cheese. Boohoo. :(

I've been having more thoughts about my raw food diet and thinking...yes, this is definitely what I want to do, but at the same time, especially being in college, it kind of sucks. Hell, I'm shy and have a tendency to be antisocial anyway, but being a raw foodist really supports my staying-in-my-dorm-all-day habit. It's just easier for me to eat in my room than to bring it with me and eat with other people. I have made the effort to eat out with other people sometimes, but I think I'm sick of eating from the salad bar. Fruit is definitely yummier. Also, I can't connect with other people when they talk about what they're eating, or what they want to eat. "Oh yeah, I used to like chocolate." Well, it's not that I don't like chocolate actually, I just wouldn't want to eat it. But it's easier to imply that I don't like it anymore. Can you imagine having to say "I don't eat that anymore," which needs a bit more explanation. Eh. Neh.

I've decided that retaining my health is much more important than just letting it all go and being more social. It's kind of depressing too, especially when everyone goes out to eat late at night and I just wouldn't want to do that...but...mm. Also, there's a Japanese Culture Day coming up and we can help my teacher cook curry and stuff like that. I think I'll help out, but it'll be depressing too because Japanese food used to be my favorite. I mean I can deal with not eating the stuff, but I don't know if I really want to cook it and not eat it. I want to help out my teacher though. Maybe I can do something else.

Last night while I was writing a letter to someone, a bunch of people were in the room talking to my roommate and they were basically planning how much alcohol and what kinds of alcohol they'd want this other girl on the floor to get (she's supplying everyone, I guess?) and it just sounded so...so...stupid. I just don't understand. Maybe I'll never understand. My roommate says it's fun to get drunk, although the next day you "feel like shit," which in my mind doesn't sound worth it. Besides the morning after, it screws up your body. Why don't people realize...oh, nevermind. Despite all the unintelligent things other people do, I'm still stupid compared to most of them, which doesn't make what I do look very worthwhile. Really, my body sucks a crapload; I can't even handle raw cheese. I know all people are different and some people can handle eating really unhealthy things, although I don't know if that's good or bad.

I'm at home right now, but I'm going back to school tomorrow (technically today) to go to my dorm's annual haunted house. I might help out too, depending on what I can actually do. Then again, it's in the basement and it's really, really hot down there. Each floor does a separate room and my floor's room is this black room with mirrors and some scary movie some students made being projected on the mirrors. I haven't a clue how it's going to turn out.

Today I saw Kill Bill with my mum and I gotta say, I really liked it. It's just different from anything else I've seen, which is refreshing, and it's an interesting story. The style of the movie feels really smooth; everything just flows well. I really liked the music too. There's lots of blood and decapitation and stuff like that, but it's rather comical after a while. I'm looking forward to volume 2. I can't imagine anyone else could play Uma Thurman's role; she's really good. I just set this as my wallpaper. :)

My angelgotchi is still alive. Dammit. I don't want to just ignore it so it "dies" but I don't want to take care of it anymore either. After it fully grows up, there isn't much else to look forward to. "Oh, it's hungry! Oh, it pooped! OH BOYYY!" I just like watching them grow.

I got some great zines from crackers and honey on Thursday. Now if only I had an industrial strength sewing machine, I could sew little bookets too...poop!

November 5, 2003

The Bananas Are Coming

Yesterday I went to the ACDC and saw that they had bananas. YES, THE POWERS ARE ON MY SIDE! Now how many to get? One? Five? 20? I settled on 12. That should last at least four days. They look horribly unripe at the moment but it's better then eating a brown, mushy banana.

I don't know why I started this entry with bananas, but I couldn't think of a good title (not that I ended up making a good title) and when I looked to my left I saw a bunch of bananas. So there you go.

I meant to write an entry earlier but then I didn't. Why? WHY? Because I was being poked by giant bunnies. I mean, I was lazy. Same difference.

I love getting e-mail from the school post office because it means I got a package, which in turn means someone actually sent me something!, although in most cases it's because I bought something online and totally forgot about it. Today I got an RHPD shirt (this one to be exact) and I think it's the mark of a truly nerdy Radiohead fan. But I think it's a cool idea. It'd be cool to have a little sheriff badge that says "KARMA POLICE" on it as well...okay, maybe not. Anyway. I'm a nerd.

Yesterday in the mail I got the new Strokes album (so far, so good; sounds like the other album, whoa...on another note, you know you're old when you can say "When I was your age, amazon.com only sold BOOKS) and an awesome Radiohead DVD of their performance in Glastonbury. I can't imagine going to a music festival like that, but some day I gotta try that. Except it'll probably never happen in the US (too bad Field Day didn't pan out, not that I would have gone anyway). It's not DVD quality but it's great considering there aren't any official RH concert DVDs to buy. What the heck is up with that? I know I have a concert of theirs on a video tape somewhere, but...uh, maybe not. Beck doesn't have ANY DVDs, and he could make tons.

That's the extent of "exciting stuff I got in the mail" because I haven't been getting many letters. I still have to reply to Sandy and Alex though; sorry guys! Your letters are right on my table. Must...reply...

My roommate is sleeping. She skipped two classes. When I came back after Japanese at around 12:15, her alarm went off. She didn't sound very well either. :( I don't know how she could have gotten sick, besides not very healthy living habits that most people have anyway. She is tired a lot...I'm sure she could change her habits, and I'd help her with it, but only if she wanted to. I haven't missed any classes yet and I hope I never do.

Speaking of Japanese class, it suddenly became very confusing. It was already confusing, so imagine what it's like now. We're learning about the dictionary format of verbs and junk and...wait, I'm not Japanese, and I may never go to Japan again, WHAT AM I DOING? Crap. On Monday I had a Japanese drill session and it was awful. I just couldn't remember anything and the instructor was probably thinking "What the hell is wrong with you?" Okay, maybe not, she's a really nice person, but it must be hard to have to listen to all these really American people attempt to speak Japanese. She's not the one who gets frustrated; I am!

Yesterday I had my second, crappy ass astronomy test. Astronomy is definitely not my thing. There were so many freakin' essays on this one and I DIDN'T KNOW THE DENSITY OF THE EARTH but I don't know when that would ever be important. It's not even that interesting! The nebular hypothesis is interesting, but I just don't give a crap about density or neutrons or active optics. Alison, my classmate who lives on my floor, wrote on my door's whiteboard "I hate astronomy. Fuck a duck." Well, I wouldn't say the same thing, but close enough. I studied for a long time on Monday night with Liza (also a classmate, but lives on the first floor) which I'm sure helped, but I'm still not confident that I did well. I know I passed though. OH THE JOY!

The new Matrix movie came out today. If I were still in high school I'd probably go see it today...after school. Someone in my Japanese class totally skipped class to see the first showing. Now that's devotion. Or fanaticism (is that even a word?). I wanted to see it this weekend with my mum, but (get read for this)...I'm actually staying in school the entire weekend. It'll be the first weekend I've completely spent in school since freshman orientation. Kind of sad, but oh well.

Oh yeah, the weekend...what happened? Well, I "worked" as the annual Raymond Haunted House by sitting on a small table where the computer equipment was to make sure no one stole anything. Woo! Out room was the "mirror room" in which there wre a bunch of mirrors (no, really?) and a weird scary movie some students made was being played. The table I sat on was hidden by sheets of black plastic so no one knew it was there. Anyway, a tiny space surrounded by black plastic with heat-producing machinery is not the best place to engage in repiratory processes. I think oxygen was non-existent. But I only had to sit in there for 30 minutes while my student fellow was in there for hours. Yikes. The haunted house was pretty good, although it didn't really freak me out since I saw them making it and during the break the "crazy mental hospital patients" and "zombies" were just hanging around.

Sunday was definitely interesting. Actually, it was the completely opposite, but that made it interesting...maybe. I stayed in my dorm all day. I didn't even bother to change out of my pjs. I didn't think there was much point. I felt pretty depressed by the end of the day and thought about how I'd be screwed over these four years of "higher education" but hopefully I'll do something this weekend. Liza convinced me to stay, so I better put some pressure on her. "So, Liza, ENTERTAIN THE HELL OUT OF ME!" Hehe....wait, I don't want to scare people. But really, I talked to my mum that day and said something about transferring...no, I don't think I'll transfer. First off, I found out last spring that all other schools hate me except Skidmore and Rutgers, neither of which I'd be too excited to go to. So I should thank Vassar for even letting me in. It's like taking in a sick, dying cat because it's so pitiful. Yes!

On Monday morning for some crazy reason I woke up at 7:45 AM to go to the gym with my roommate. I've never really been there to work out before, so I guess it was a good thing I went. It's like having a free gym membership (besides that school costs many thousands of dollars already) so I should take advantage of it. It was an insanely hot day though, considering its already NOVEMBER and shouldn't be in the 70 degree range. Now it's rainy and crappy and back in the 50s. Stupid, crazy weather!

E*rock is awesome; he looks out for his customers:

i was checking my old emails from when i was on the road and wanted to make sure you got these CDs.

[after I said I got the CDs...a while ago, hehe]

okay cool. i found the order in my inbox (which usually means i need to do it still) after trying to get caught up this morning and was like oh no, maybe i forgot!

I didn't buy his album. Yet. I am hoping for a new issue of Thumb someday.

November 9, 2003

It Feels Like Christmas

I saw Elf today and it has made me all warm n fuzzy with Christmas goo.

Okay, not really. I can definitely say that I enjoyed it more than the Matrix (I'll get to that). It was a simple movie, very silly, pretty mushy, but overall good. Will Ferrell was really funny and while he was really annoying, he made the character lovable too. I can't think of anyone else who could play that role very well. Now I want to over-decorate the room with Christmas crap and bring out the joooy and the fuuun and the WEE!

I actually wasn't planning to see the movie today because last night Kathryn (my roommate) told me it would involve waking up at 10:30 AM. That's a tad early for a Saturday morning, but my gallbladder woke me up. Dammit. I hate it when that happens. It becomes a debate of disrupting one's peaceful slumber versus pissing yourself. So out of the top bunk I descended, into the smelly bathroom of doooom.

But all is good, because I got to go to the mall with Kathryn and Alison. Our cab driver was kind of crazy though, so we called a different company to take us home. Less crazy, as in, not turning into the other road to pass a car on the left because it's going a bit too slow for your taste.

I feel kind of wrong for saying this, but I like Old Navy. I've been to Old Navy before, but I've barely ever gotten anything from there. When I go shopping with my mum, we usually don't go there and instead opt for the Gap, Banana Republic, or some equally non-exciting generic place. But Old Navy just seems more fun; for one thing, they have THIS! I'm wearing them right now, in addition to this, which I didn't even know was $5 when I got it, but yikes...that's cheap. Overall I spent $50 on that pajama set, a bag, two long sleeved shirts, and two pj shorts. I wasn't planning to buy anything, so it's kind of awful I ended up with so much stuff. At first I was only going to get the bag because it was $8, but then I made the mistake of looking around the store. At least I realized that I didn't need this or this, although they're both very nice sweaters. Why am I buying all this clothes? Argh. Crap. Well. Now I know what my size is; because I'm so short, I'm not a small adult as much as I am an extra large kid. I can wear size 16 pants (I have a size 14 pair of jeans that fit me last month, but not anymore! Haha! Uh! Oops! Crap!), which I guess is like an overweight kid or something, but I noticed kid's clothes doesn't have much butt room. So the dividing line between being a kid and an adult is your BUTT. That's my not-so-scientific conclusion.

I think I've gained about eight pounds since school started. I know you shouldn't obsess over weight, but that isn't something to scoff at either. Gaining a few pounds from time to time is not a big deal at all, but it's not like I'm carrying eight pounds of extra water weight. So I wonder of course what the eight pounds is, and I realize that I don't really want to know because my intestines might be compacted with the stuff. Hm. Hmmm. Okay, I'll stop talking about my intestines now.

On Friday I saw the Matrix with my mum. I wasn't expecting it to be really good, so it ended up being better than I thought it would be. For the most part. Until the end. WHAT WAS THAT? Not really the outcome of the story as much as how it was portrayed. Actually, I still don't get it and if someone could explain it to me, that'd be cool. I feel like a lot of stuff was left out or not explained well and blah blah blah. It was kind of sad to see this movie be so far off from the first one, which was definitely cool. Oh yeah, some parts of the script made me cringe and at some points I prefered the machines over the humans.

Today I was supposed to do more homework than I actually got done. That happens a lot. I did my reading for anthropology class, not that I really understood it, and I did my Japanese homework due on Tuesday, although a lot of it is probably wrong. Now I ought to study for my Japanese dialogue test because I really screw those things up. Despite that, I plan to apply for a job at the Japanese Concordia Language Village for a summer job. I'd have to fly to Minnesota, but the job pays so I figure that would make up for some of it. Then again, I don't actually think I'd get chosen if I apply, but it can't hurt, and I think my Japanese teachers will write nice recommendations for me. I've never taken any kind of leadership position before and am extremely unqualified to work at a camp, but there's a first time for everything.

On Friday night I went to see a comedy show with a bunch of people on my floor mainly to see the two guys across the hall, Simon and Abel, perform. It was really, really funny for the most part, with some really odd sketches in there. The weirdest one was the last one in which the sketch was an immitation of muppets. I can't really explain it (I do have a video clip though), but Simon was the cookie monster, Abel was "the cook" and everyone was going crazy (the skit was set in a restaurant with everyone sitting at tables). It was great. Abel had a big pot of pasta and was dumping it everywhere. ...okay, this sounds really weird. Another one was really funny that Simon and Abel wrote, which...well, I could explain, but it wouldn't be funny if I talked about it anyway. They're very talented, although since they live across the hall I know that they're really weird. I mean, they're normal too. The weird thing about them is that...they're really docile and can easily seem normal, but then they have these quirks. They're kind of passively weird, if that makes any sense. Simon writes "I AM YOUR CANCER" on the whiteboard as a message to Kathryn a lot. A few days ago, both Simon and Abel wanted food from Kathryn and it was just really funny how Abel asked for it. He came in the room, not looking like he wanted anything in particular, sat down in Kathryn's chair as she was in her bed doing work, and ask if she would know where he could get some chicken flavored noodles. Yes, where oh where could these noodles be? Perhaps on the bookcase a few feet away? Anyway, Kathryn ended up making Simon and Abel noodles. I was amused. It's very amusing living across from those guys.

Even though having someone write "I AM YOUR CANCER" on your whiteboard can be a bit threatening, it's nice to be able to joke about that with someone. I'm not really sure how the joke came about, but you know, making fun of people means you're really comfortable with them. As of now, I don't feel comfortable making fun of anyone. Damn, if only I could call some people poop nut heads and whack em with stuff...oh well, I can dream. HAHA! No.

Tonight Kathryn made apple crisp and I helped peel the apples! I think I would still enjoy cooking/baking, although I wouldn't be able to eat anything. Oh well, it's the process that's enjoyable. Like making origami pretty much has no purpose, but I still do it and kill lots of trees in the process. Maybe I should figure out how to make a good raw pie. I've never tried it because it takes so long and...oh, nevermind.

Geez, why am I still awake?

---comment replies!---

If the fish or cheese did cause my period, then I'm certainly glad I had it, but I wouldn't want to cause it again in the future. :) Maybe that supports the "menstruation is a way to get rid of toxins" theory, which I feel uncomfortable talking about with ...pretty much anyone in real life because no one believes me. But anyway. Ya! I guess I don't like sashimi or cheese enough to bear the periods, or I really hate periods. It's more of the second one...I really, really hate them, and that's even without feeling any pain.

I really like cheese. *sigh*

PERSIMMONS YAA! The best food ever. Mmmm. Check out this page...use persimmons to lure deer! AHH NOO!

November 12, 2003

Damn, It's Cold

It felt really cold yesterday, despite not actually being that cold (or else it would have snowed instead of rained). So, of course, I was drinking a smoothie while walking in the 40-something degree weather. I needed to wear gloves to hold the cup. Something was sorely amiss.

OH WELL! I went to the gym and it was actually fun. I used this machine for about 30 minutes while listening to The Raveonettes. Their music has almost the perfect beat to go along with working out. So the Raveonettes are my new work-out music. I wasn't planning to get a smoothie, but Kathryn did and it looked yummy. I didn't know that a smoothie had ice in it though, so maybe I can ask for one without ice. Then again, it probably needs ice to be a smoothie...? Or else it's just a banana mush thing. Erm. Well, I'll find out.

I forgot to mention something very important that happened. The family friend that I talked about in this entry as being near death passed away last Friday. :( It's not surprising, but it's just awful. Now her husband doubts the doctors who kept pushing various medications and surgeries on her. She died in a hospital, connected to all kinds of machines and not fully aware of her surroundings. If she died in peace that would have at least been somewhat better. She wasn't even that old, in her 60s I think. Both of my grandparents are in their 80s and they're not seriously incapacitated. However, they are definitely not cool people, don't really do anything with their lives, and eat crap. The family friend was really cool and nice, although she had health problems since she was little. It's not like I wish death upon my grandparents (I can't honestly say I would care very much if they died, though) but it's just one of those unfair things about life. I guess.

I have a bit of a tummy ache. I decided to try a mixed fruit cup from the ACDC for the first time, even though I knew the fruit couldn't be that good and mixing a bunch of kinds of fruit isn't a good idea. It tasted good at first (mm, pineapple) but then my mouth felt weird (wah, pineapple) and after eating an apple and a persimmon, I started feeling funky. It could have been the addition of the apple and the persimmon. Yesterday I felt so cold that I didn't have an appetite for lunch, but then after staying in my room for a few hours I thought "Me hungiiiiee" (in a Homer-like fashion) and ate dried mulberry bits with a spoon (my spoon is not too big).

I asked a question at Insound and they replied to me in less than an hour. Or 30 minutes. I asked if they were ever going to have a "wishlist" type option and they said they're working on that and other types of things. I think it'd be a lot more convenient to have a wishlist, but then it'd probably make me buy more stuff. Since they have a 15% coupon for this week, I racked up a bunch of stuff that I would like to have but don't really need to have:

  • Mum - Please Smile My Nose Bleed
  • Styrofoam - A Heart Without a Mind
  • B. Fleischmann - Welcome Tourist
  • The Album Leaf - One Day I'll Be On Time

Muuuusiiiic...I don't listen to a lot of music anymore. I found out yesterday that a guy down the hall (freshman, also in my astronomy class) likes a lot of the same music as me. It's not everday (or ever, in my case) that someone asks you if you like Mum. He likes a lot of good stuff (Radiohead, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Flaming Lips, Beck) but I lent him my CD case so maybe he will get hooked on other good stuff, because that's what I wanna do: get people hooked on STUFF! That isn't drugs. Stuff. Magnet, preferably. :)

This morning I had a Japanese test and it was really awful. のほんごのしけんは、わるいです。 (Japanese test is bad.) The listening part really confused me and the rest was not too great. So overall, it basically sucked. I wanted an A for the semester, but I will probably get Bs in all of my classes, if not worse, so you know, it's time to lower my standards. I don't really know what's going on with my anthropology paper and I'm going to have to write an English essay about a poem. I can't think of many worse things to write about besides poems (I'm not a poetry enthusiast, sorry) so I'm sure that'll be a hellish experience! Exclamation marks make life fun!

I think I've decided what classes I'm taking next semester. Take a lookie:

  1. MUSI-101-51: Fundamentals of Music; MW 0130PM - 0245PM
  2. ANTH-120-51: Human Origins; TR 1200PM - 0115PM
  3. BIOL-106-53: Intro/Biological Investigation; F 0900AM - 1015AM; T 0130PM - 0530PM
  4. JAPA-106-52: Elementary Japanese; MTWRF 1100AM - 1150AM

I still think I want to major in anthropology. I wasn't too big on taking biology, but my mum persuaded it to me because if I'm really interested in health, then I have to take bio. I'm sure waking up at 9 AM and having a four hour lab will make my heart will with joy at the thought of bio. We'll just have to see. Unless my brain snaps and I become psychotic.

My tummy ache has gone away, so I actually feel like eating again. Ergh.

November 15, 2003

I Love NYC

Well, I at least like it more than Poughkeepsie, although that isn't much of a comparison.

Okay, let's go back further. Much further. Or not too much further. The plan was that Kathryn (my roommate), Abel (guy who lives across the hall), Dan (guy who lives down the hall), and me (...me) would be going to NY using the Metro-North Railway 7:33 AM train to Grand Central Station. Kathryn had to work on a paper all night, and for some reason I couldn't go to bed either. So instead of attempting to sleep only to wake up at 6 AM, we just stayed up all night. For some reason we both got the munchies (actually, I was having serious munchies...I'll talk about my Friday morning after I talk about today) ar 4 AM. I had some fruit (no duh) and Kathryn had ramen (or as another girl once called it, "ramden"). So we were up to see the sun loom over the sky in that wonderous thing called "sunrise" during that time of day called "morning" usually not seen by college students. Whoaaa.

So we all left at 7 AM to take the train. I had more thoughts about the sun ("Wow, it's rising!") and such things. A roundtrip ticket to Grand Central Terminal is $24 (during off-peak times) which I guess is good. Then again, it used to be less, just like the DAMN SUBWAY TICKETS. Anyway. The view was very line along the Hudson River and there were some weird sights along the way, such as what looked like a prison just in the middle of the river and this weird castle looking thing on a small island on the river. It was almost like a toy castle, except it was...well, big. I mean, it looked surreal. ...After doing a little googling, I can point you to the Bannerman Castle website...because that's what it is. Hm. Alright then.

It was a nice 110 minute or so ride to NY. It's much nicer than a bus; no traffic! When we got to Grand Central, we waited for one of our schoolmates (who lives on the same floor), Annie, since she was the reason we all decided to go to NY. She had to go to the Metropolitan Museum for her art history class. When I first decided that I wanted to tag along, I thought I would go to the museum as well, but when I realized we'd be in NYC from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, I thought "Hey, I can do whatever I want!" We met up with Annie a bit later than expected, which worked well for me because I wanted to go to the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, which opens at 10 AM. It was blisteringly cold (that might not be a real word), which I wasn't expecting. Damn wind. Air displacement crap. So anyway, we all got off at the 86th Street subway station and then parted our ways.

As I walked to the NDM, everything felt very peaceful and clean. There is some satisfaction in just wandering around in the early morning. Even though NYC is polluted like the inside of a smokestack, when you're next to Central Park it doesn't feel like that. It's almost surreal to have this huge park plonked right in the middle of a sprawling city bursting at the seams with humans. I didn't actually get to go into the park, but someday maybe I'll try it out. :)

The NDM is very nice and compact, which is how I like my museums (aka, no matter how nice it may be, the Louvre will never be my "thing"). It was formerly a house, which is probably why it felt so nice and cozy. I was interested in seeing the "Inside Design Now" exhibition since I've heard of some of the designers, and it was very nicely done. Jhonen had a really small blip on the wall though, along with a TV playing an episodeof Invader Zim, but I was surprised to see him there at all. I mean, the show isn't even on anymore, but it's nice that he gets a nod from the museum community. Or maybe that's weird. It'd be neat to see an ehibit based on his comics. Besides Jhonen there was also some neat stuff by Geoff McFetridge on some walls which also displayed skateboards with his designs. It's so easy to like his designs, but they're not easy in themselves. (Same thing with Paul Frank...sometimes I hate myself for liking those things, but they're cute). There was lots of other cool stuff, like robotic flowers and a weird glowing car. There was another funky thing with a bunch of things dangling down...wow, that couldnt have been much more vague, eh? Or maybe it can. "There was a thing with stuff coming from the thing." I've outdone myself. Well, back to what I was saying (or not), there was also a nice room put together for Nest (ultra-cool magazine) where you coudl sit down and read their backissues. I tried to sketch the room but it came out awful because I don't know how to draw. Oo well. I tried to draw what was on the chairs too, which was a simple line drawing of a bunny giving birth patterned all over the chair. Mm! Splendid.

I probably only spent about 30 minutes in the museum. Or maybe it was more. Well, definitely less than an hour. I browsed around their shop and was delighted to see an open copy of Pictoplasma 1 & 2, and now I am sure...I want those books. Either one. I've wanted the first one for a while because I heard it was good, but now that I've seen it, I'm definitely interested in it. It's pretty much a book filled with different characters, but it's neat to look at. I'd love to have a great webdesign book, but I tend to not like those as much. I'd like to figure out how to create good characters, although I think Poofy is as good as it's going to get. But hey, people really like my animal buttons for some reason. ...Okay, I should stop with all this design crap because that's almost definitely not what I'm going to do when I get out of college unless I can make a fortune off of Poofies and fishies that think they're moist.

After leaving the NDM, I decided to go downtown and check out Jubb's Longevity. I was really planning to eat lunch at Quintessence, but my friend Jen, who goes to Parsons School of Design, got back to me after I attempted to make very last minute plans to meet her (in addition to wishing her a happy birthday; she turned 18 today!) and we got to meet! But! Before that, I went to the Lower East Side and came across a clothing store called Lord of the Fleas. Not sure where this name came from, but it's cute. I'm glad I passed it, but I'm kind of not glad at the same time because I spent something like $70 there. Erp. (Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure how much the shirt and the shirt I got costed; the socks were about $10. Jesus, I'm going to turn into a really reckless consumer if I go around shopping by myself, NOOO.) Well, it's a nice little store, although I apparently went to their warehouse and not their more store-like...store. I was just looking around when I touched this incredibly soft black long sleeved shirt with a huge poofy neck (I have a photo; it will make more sense). It's synthetic, but...hohum. And I got a...*brace yourself*...black ruffle-ee miniskirt. Why? Well, it looks really nice, not that it looks that great on me, but it could potentially look good. (Note to self: must go to gym more) The guy running the store had a British accent (always a plus) and was very nice and helpful without seeming overhelpful. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes people are really helpful and it freaks me out because they seem like they're too enthusiastic. Oh, whatever, I could obviously never be a clothing salesperson. So the store and the dude who runs the store are cool. I also bought above-the-knee socks to go with the skirt, except I think I'm too short to wear a miniskirt plus the socks (because normal humans have longer legs) but I'll do it anyway.

...whoa, what the hell am I talking about? Uh. Anyhoo, the guy told me that if I go to the other store I could find a pink soft poofy shirt in my size. The store's business card is actually on an outer paper case for a free condom. I find that very funny. And I'm glad I didn't go there with my mum. Then again, we'd probably find it funny. Also, it acts as a 10% off coupon. And, of course...a condom (it says "MAKE LOVE NOT WAR" on that packaging).

When I was in the store, Jen called me and that's when we made plans to meet. I had time to kill because she had just woken up, so that's when I went to Jubb's Longevity. That. Place. Is. Awesome! (Or to make this into super corny chowdah: RAWSOME!) It was a little messy because the store owner had just opened a new restaurant, but it was still great. I really wanted to try the cakes and treats on display, but I didn't want that to be my first meal of the day. The woman running the store (not that young, but looked quite beautiful in that radiant, happy way...I wonder how long she's been on raw food) gave me and another customer samples of her flax seed cracker and it was absolutely delicious. What's in it, I don't know, but must be some yummy spices and things. She also made something else from...well, now I don't really remember, but it was really good too. Another cracker-type thing that was supposed to resemble corn chips. In my opinion, raw food imitations of cooked food never really taste like the cooked food, but just act as a guide and in the process creates a completely new type of cuisine. I love it. Just can't eat it that much. She also gave us samples of the brazil nut milk she made; wow, absolutely delicious. I ended up buying a cup of that and a bag of the flax seed crackers.

I had more time to kill so I went to Air Market just to look at the odd Japanese things and the too-expensive clothing (I saw this after I splurged at that other store...?). They've also got lots of mumbledolls which I used to be interested in, but now not so much. I think I'd still like an Uglydoll but ...mm. I have so many freakin' Poofies. (I entertained the idea of going into one of these kinds of not-tacky novelty stores and asking if they would sell my poofy dolls...maybe someday.) I managed to buy a birthday card for Jen and a tiny (really tiny) crocheted dog for my mum because I think she might like it. While I was finishing up paying, my phone rang, which was good timing since the store did not allow people to talk on their cell phones inside.

From Airmarket I walked to 6th Ave to meet up with Jen. Yay! YAY! So happy! It's just cool seeing someone you've known for so long (out parents were friends before we were born) in such a big city. She was pretty busy but we spent some time in her dorm room, which is for four people. I feel better about my room now. The ceiling in my room is higher and it jsut feels roomier than way. Her room felt impossibly cramped, even though it's larger. At least I think so. Also, her room was really messy. I would never be able to live in that room. The funny thing is that when we were in there, one of her roommates was still sleeping. She was still sleeping by the time I left, which was around 2...something. Past 2:30, I think. We spent the time just talking about how school is and such...man, art school sounds killer. 3+ hour classes? She says she's going to have a 9 hour day next semester. I wouldn't be able to handle that! I guess I shouldn't think I have it bad then.

After having to say goodbye, I decided to eat that meal at Quintessence I had been looking forward to. When I got closer to the restaurant though, I noticed a store next door that I swear I had never seen before. I actually can't remember the first time I went to that Quintessence, which is weird, because I'm sure it was with Diana and that I must have taken some photos, but maybe I didn't take that many. (looks for photos)...wow, I have absolutely no idea. Well then maybe it has been a year since I've been there? (Help me, Diana! My brain is dying.) The store next door is called Live Live and it's a raw foodist's dream/nightmare. Why this combination? They have the best, most delicious raw junk food. It's like my heaven, except it will make me fat and blech. Raw junk food is mainly cookies, crackers, and anything people can invent to be dehydrated (the raw food way of baking) and it all tastes delicious in a way unlike cooked food. I bought $30 worth of stuff, including apple-date cookies, granola, some sort of nutty candy, and oatmeal cookies (they are DELICIOUS, although I forgot when I bought them that they have oatmeal in em...no duh. Oh well, it's probably soaked or something). I could have easily spent $100 there, but I stuck to buying things I've never seen online before (for instance, they had just about all the stuff from Glaser Farms, although I really wish I had bought some because those things are really tasty, especally the brownie). Now I want to run back there are get more, more, more! The raw nut candy was really, REALLY good, and I can't even compare it to anything else. It's got its own taste; not like any sort of conventional candy, just delicious. I was given little container of homemade lip balm, although it was really fluid and when I put it on my lips, I more or less ate it. Tastes like banana. :)

After indulging way too much (well, I'm eating half of everything; going to give the rest to me mum, of course!) I went to Quintessence (for further endulgement). I've never eaten there alone and am usually accustomed to going the whole nine yards: appetizer, entree, and dessert. However, I noticed that I was pressed for time and that I did not have a bottomless stomach, so I got a sunburger with marinated mushrooms. Man, sunburgers are really good, although I forget what the patty is made of. Mainly sunflower seeds, I'd suppose, although it doesn't taste like sunflower seeds. Patties for sandwiches, like crackers and cookies, are also made by dehydration. The burger was phenomenal and I would never see how cooked food could be more satisfying. Even after eating so much, and knowing I ate a lot, I still felt fine. However, I knew I ate too quickly. :|

By this time it was a little past 4 PM. The plan was to meet at Grand Central at 4:45 PM. I wanted to go to one more place, Etherea, and then I realized I was doomed. Actually, I wasn't that doomed, but I had being late and tried to go down the 6 or so blocks as quickly as my little legs could possibly take me so I could look for some CDs I wanted (I ended up buying three CDs and the new issue of Magnet...oh jeez. Well, the CDs sound pretty good; Polmo Polpo - The Science of Breath, Barbara Morgenstern - Vermona ET 6-1, and Solvent - Solvent City). End price? Roughtly $50.

Now came the tough part; going back up to 14th Street. I love Etherea, but it's in this dead spot where it's not particularly close to any subway station. TIME TO RUN! Or run, hack, cough, walk, run. I'm so out of shape. I called Kathryn to tell her I would be late, and after hobbling onto the L train, leaving the L Train, running to catch the 4, 5, or 6 train (I'm really getting a hang of subways now, thank god), wait for the 4, 5, or 6 train, getting on that and running (very slowly) into the main concourse of Grand Central, I made it just about when I said I would (4:50 PM). We were still waiting for Annie though, so maybe I didn't have to do the half-assed running.

That was basically my day, in a very large nut shell (perhaps a nut tree in this case). It was a lovely day and I'd do it again.

[I have many photos...just not now]

Friday was a rather busy day as well. I didn't have Japanese class because it was Japanese Culture Day! WOO! We got to do a bonduri dance, which I actually got the hang of after a while, and we got to tabemasu nihonryori. I thought I could fast since there wouldn't be anything for me to eat, except there was a huge salad bowl and a fruit salad bowl. Crap. I ate lots and lots of salad, which I'm sure increased my body's water percentage and nothing else. Will I ever learn to fast? Not likely. And if you're wondering, no, fasting is not unhealthy; starving is. Do you know how long it takes to starve? Quite a while, figuring you are a semi-average person from an industrialized nation. So. BACK TO JAPANESE CULTURE DAY! We also watched an Ikido demonstration, which was somewhat amusing. Just another one of those things I will never do.

After that, I went to the gym for some intense workout-ing, WOO! I used the elliptical for 30 minutes and the treadmill for 20 minutes. I can run 3/4ths of a mile without dying! Keep in mind that this is at 4.5 mph, but I had no idea. I used to have awful asthma that would prevent me from doing the simplest activities in physical education class, such as "change into your gym clothes", but I'm much better now. (What is with all this weird information about asthma? It's generally known as being incurable, but a lot of people have cured their asthma, I think. Mine just seemed to get better as I got older.) I really want to make it a point to go to the gym at LEAST three times a week, and while an hour would be optimum, 30 minutes would be okay too. I wonder if I can pull this off...

November 21, 2003

Just One More Lap

I've been diligently going to the gym every weekday this week at around the same time (2 PM-ish) so I hope it's doing something. Just to fill you in on my physical activities past...I have none. Recreational basketball in 7th grade (on a team we dubbed "The Mad Cows") does not count, because that wasn't basketball as much as running around and not ever getting the ball but trying, or at least pretending to try. In 9th grade once day after PE during which we had to run a lap as fas as we could, I puked. I did run the lap somewhat quickly (for me, at least...must have been a little over a minute). Actually, the only thing I was ever not too bad at was short-distance running, not that I was that good but for a while, my class was really bad. How joyful!

At the gym my workout routine is 30 minutes on the elliptical (about 3 miles) and then 20 minutes on the treadmill (about 1.5 miles). I run pretty slowly, like around 4.5-5 mph, but I'm surprised I can run at all for that long and NOT feel like my diaphragm is going to explode. That would be messy. So I'm pretty pleased with myself, but I have a long way to go. Still, I think it's impressive considering I've never exercised this much in my entire life.

However, all the calories and stuff that I'm burning really don't make a difference because I continue to eat too much. Yesterday I went to the nearby health food store and bought 8 oz of almonds, 10 oz of figs, and an 8 oz jar of raw almond butter. In two days, I've just about finished the almonds and figs, and thankfully I still have some amount of almond butter left (I eat it by spreading it on nori, aka seaweed). But really, the most nuts you would need in a day to get enough protein/fat is 2 oz. So I ate nearly twice as much. I GET ENOUGH PROTEIN, DAMMIT! Just wanted to throw that out there. People always ask me about protein...even if I didn't eat nuts, I think I'd get enough protein. Fat is what's harder to come by, but no one ever asks about that!

So what else has been going on? Well. Um. Hm. I don't know. Not much happens in college, if you ask me. The good thing is that I'm pretty used to being here now. If you've been reading this site for a while, I used to go home every weekend without even thinking about staying in school. And now I feel like it's too much hassle to go home because I'd "have" to bring my laptop and all this junk and well...no. LAZY!

Someone in my Japanese class told me he went to Poofy.net! Woo, cool! I feel guilty though because I haven't updated it in ages. No one is buying anything either. However, I did finally sell all my poofies at Cut + Paste. The purple one was the last one to go, which surprised me because I thought the sleeping poofies were the cutest. Maybe it was just the color purple then? Purple is the least popular, and I personally don't like purple. I think it works well for a sleeping one though.

I got three years of free webhosting from 1&1 and I bought the domain roboppy.net, but for some reason the domain won't work! If it doesn't clear up tomorrow I guess I'll have to e-mail the company. Doh. :( Anyway, whenever it does start to work, I plan on moving "carbon monoxide" over there and making MORE JUNK ON THE INTERNET because that's what I'm here for. To junk up the Internet. With lint. And weird stuff you can't recognize. Ooh yeah.

November 23, 2003

NYC Fun + Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday I went to NYC ...again. I wasn't planning to go at first (after going last week I thought I definitely shouldn't go) but one of my classmates was going to see some friends and I figured I may as well go so we can travel together. I wouldn't have felt so compelled to go to NYC to travel by myself.

We got to NYC at around 12:30. What's that time perfect for? FOOD! My first stop was Bonobo's Restaurant, a recently opened raw food establishment. It wasn't totally done being open yet, but they had some pretty nice stuff: various soups, lots of salad ingredients, puddings, and a zucchini spaghetti entree. I got the spaghetti, which had a spicy soup/sauce on top along with sunflower seeds, and banana-almond pudding for dessert. It was too much food, I found out later, but...mm well. Good pudding. That's what they should eat in Poofyville. RAW FOOD! Hey, the pancakes might even be raw since they come out of a tree...it doesn't make sense, but you know what, it's POOFYVILLE and nothing makes sense. :) Erm...so back to reality. The restaurant is in a pretty big room and it wasn't that busy when I went in, although when I left a line had formed. I'm sure people get interested in what the restaurant has due to the signs on the outside which proclaim the LIVE UNCRAPPY FOOD! Mmmm. And that was some good pudding. :)

After that I took the subway to the New Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition didn't interest me very much, so I was glad the admission was free (18 and younger, woo!). Their store chock full of books and magazines was more interesting, although I didn't stick around for that long. After that I went to Zakka where, as usual, I bought nothing. There are always interesting things to get, but then I think "Well I can get this stuff for much less on amazon.com." Yeah, there I am supporting my local vendors...okay, not very local. There were a bunch of people in there browsing and such. I saw lots of little toys in boxes, but I wasn't curious enough to buy one. If they had a cute bunny of some sort that would be neat. The t-shirts they have are neat, although they're mainly in men's sizes, and they're really expensive. I mean, they're not that expensive compared to other articles of clothing, but I don't equate a t-shirt with having a high cost. Which leads me to an idea I've been having: would anyone be interested in buying a Poofy-related t-shirt? Because I could design one, or maybe pick a funny panel from a comic and put it on. But I don't know if anyone's interested in that. Well. Let me know. If I got at least 10 orders, I could order them and sell them for maybe $12. Well. Anyhoo.

After Zakka I think I took a subway up to Other Music, where I bought Like Hearts Swelling and picked up a copy of The Onion. I've been to OM a few times, although I never talked to any of the clerks before. One clerk asked me if I needed any help, so I asked if they had any new Barbara Morgenstern albums. They didn't, but he looked around a while to see if they did, which was nice.

I took the subway to Union Square, intending to take the L train to 1st Avenue, but the L train was not in service. POOP. Alright, it's not actually a long walk, but I'm lazy. I went to Live Live and bought too much stuff again. There was another customer in there when I entered and she asked me if I was a raw foodist. I told her I've been doing it since January and she was impressed! I think until I get to the 1-year mark, it hasn't actually been that long, but she remarked that it's almost been a year. Mm..yup, finally! She said I looked good too, which was nice, although most people in NYC do look good. (sigh) Another customer came in later and the woman who runs the store gave us lots of samples of some new raw food treats, like brownie and cookie type things. Hey, I'm not going to refuse a taste test! :) Some things were pretty good and some things were just okay (I wouldn't buy them though). The one that tasted really good (the other customer and I liked it) had hazelnuts in it. Mmm. A while later, Dan, the owner of Quintessence popped in (the restaurant is right next door) and got in on the taste testing. Heehee! It was fun.

After that it was onto Jubbs Longevity where I would eat way, WAY too much. I ate my dinner there and had fun talking to the woman who runs the store, Miranda. She was talking about how nice raw food is and how important it is to keep your body healthy, which I completely agree with, of course. It's interesting to talk to someone who really understands all this stuff, although I'm sure she's more into it than I am. If I were more conscious of my digestive system, I wouldn't eat so late and mix so many bad things. I really think that eating raw food and realizing how important your body is to not drink coffee or alcohol or eat really beyond-dead processed food is a simple concept. Then again, I didn't know this until last year. I know that most people won't have the same idea as me, but...I don't know, it really does get frustrating after a while. It was a nice relief to talk to someone who feels the same way. I told her that I wanted to eat my dinner there, so she told me to watch her make me a raw pizza. What is raw pizza? The base is a big flax seed cracker type thing, on which some tomato sauce and this other sauce is put on along with sunflower seed "cheese". On top of that you pretty much put whatever veggies you like. I had lettuce, onions, tomatoes, avocado, and some seaweed. In the end it was this HUGE thing, and I ate the whole thing somehow. It was tasty, of course. And I think it was only $7 or $7.50, which is a really good price. I knew I shouldn't have eaten dessert, but their cakes/pies are very enticing, so I tried an apple-berry cake. I don't know how they made it, but it was really delicious. I didn't eat all of the crust, but the inside was really nice. I bought a pack of some dehydrated sweet cereal thing before leaving.

Eating all this yummy and processed raw food isn't something I'd do all the time, of course. It's a big, BIG indulgement. When I'm in school I eat mainly whole fruits, sometimes salads, and nuts and dried fruit, or in other words, very basic foods. I just have a knife in case I need to cut off some bruised parts. That's how people on a raw food diet should eat. I would say the occasional "gourmet" raw food dining is okay, just like for regular people occasionally drinking alcohol or something isn't going to kill you if you enjoy it.

I pretty much went back to Grand Central after that to meet up Alison at around 5:45 PM. Then...back home. Bye NYC! HELLO POUGHKEEPSIE!

For some reason when I got back to my dorm, despite already having eaten so much I decided to eat even MORE. A lot more. I ate various raw food junk food I bought online and from Live Live up until 9-something PM, after which I felt like a beached whale. Today I ate until 9 PM too, although I didn't feel as whale-ish.

Oh yeah, what happened today? Well I found out I gained 2 pounds, which is no surprise, but it's still a little alarming. Unlike past Sundays during which I would do nothing and stay in my pjs all day, I decided to go to the gym and exercise a bit. I can't seem to run as far as before...I did 1.25 miles running on the treadmill and 3 miles on the elliptical. Then I tried some of the weight training equipment, which I desperately need to use. Man, I'm weak. Seem like the most I can do on any machine is 30 lbs. I gotta get more buff! (Man, can you even imagine me being buff?)

My roommate Kathryn planned to make a Thanksgiving dinner for some people on our floor and some other floors, so she was busy making food for most of the day. In the end she made four pies, baked a 20-something lb turkey, made a huge vat of mashed potatoes, cooked string beans, and prepared canned stuff like yams and corn. Lots of food, overall. She was afraid there wouldn't be enough, but it was no problem. :) Me being the weird person that I am thought people would like to have salad, so I decided I'd use some of my ACDC points to get lots and lots of salad. I filled up 5 big plastic containers with salad, which was about 3 too many. I put lots of apples in the salad because I thought people liked apples, but...no, not really. Well, not everyone likes apples, I guess. One guy said he took them out, and in the end there was just SO MUCH SALAD LEFTOVER! I'm not going to eat it either because my mum said it would rot in the fridge. Hm well. What a waste. :( Kathryn bought veggies because I thought I'd make the salad myself, so I guess I will eat the veggies. Overalll, the dinner was a big success, besides the salad. Everything looked good, especially the pies. For some reason, three vegetarians (including me...I'm practically a vegetarian) were sitting by the turkey. Bad planning on our part. :D

I can't believe the weekend is over already. I didn't have much homework, thankfully. I have to finish up an English and Anthropology essay, but I hope that won' t be too hard. I'll have photos from NYC later. If you want to see last week's, go here.

November 27, 2003

Rufus! (and Thanksgiving)

Rufus is great! Not that you needed me to tell you that. But I'll say it again. RUFUS IS GREAT! He sings, dances, burps...oh yeah.

Does anyone want to see him on February 13th at the Beacon Theater with me? Actually, these tickets are really expensive. Rufus is good, but $50...well...um...ANYWAY.

I was accompanied to the concert by my friend Jen, who unfortunately for lost trying to find Town Hall. Ahh! I'm sorry! :( it was funny because she called me while on the wrong side of Broadway and going in the wrong direction, asking me if I could see certain places, to which I would keep replying "No...um...nope...um, I'm across from Urinetown!" You don't get to say that very often. (By the way, Urinetown is a really funny musical and it's closing soonish, if I remember correctly, so see it!)

There were people trying to sell their tickets before the show and one guy actually just LEFT his tickets in one of the frames outside of the venue that has information about upcoming shows. I didn't need them, so I didn't see the point of taking them. Some other guy did though, just as I was going to see what seats they were. Well I hope someone who needed tickets got them!

We were a little late to the show, but we got to catch some of Martha Wainwright's acoustic set. I don't know why I didn't get into her before, but I think I really like her voice! That's saying a lot because for some reason I'm usually not very into female artists. I mean, I could list the ones I listen to right now: Beth Orton, Bjork, Gemma Hayes, and Mum, if you want to count them. Martha's voice is pretty cool. She was wearing a cute dress too.

After Martha, Rufus came onstage pretty quickly. That was such a relief after going to other concerts where it takes an ETERNITY for the main performer to set up. Of course, Rufus looked like he always does: cute and...cuter. I thought we had pretty good seats, and they WOULD have been good if they were on the other side of the stage. The piano was on the far left of fhe stage and we were sitting on the far right. Apparently, that's what it was like the last time I saw Rufus...I didn't realize that. Oh well, still good seats!

Apparently, there were three empty seats right in front of Rufus. He went into his "diva" mode and demanded the seats be filled. :) Later in the show there were some other empty seats in the front row, which he pointed out and subseqently got filled in. Where were these people? Ahh!

What did Rufus play? Buttloads of stuff! Not that I remember the order:

April Fool's
Oh What a World
I Don't Know What It Is
Beautiful Child
One Man Guy
Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
Dinner at Eight
Grey Gardens
Movies of Myself
14th Street
Harvester of Hearts
Go or Go Ahead
Pretty Things
Gay Messiah
a French song whose name might be "Nuits de Miami"

Rufus sang impeccably, although he did burp at one point during Millbrook. Of course, it doesn't matter. (I have a recording of this, shall put it up at some point.) It's something Rufus can do and and not be weird. Is that weird? Hm. He said that in Japan he would say jokes, which no one understood anyway, but when he burped the audience laughed like hell. So he burped to get people laughing. Hey, if it works, why not? During "Oh What a World" everyone was somewhat dance-ee or swaying around. Rufus was doing little motions and such, and at the end of the song (when everything dies down with all the horns) everyone onstage kind of started falling down to the ground and it was really funny. I have a video clip of it (strangely enough, the only video clip I have, which I started taking before the whole "let's fall to the ground" bit). He said it had to do with the Wicked Witch of the West saying "Oh, what a world!" and dying. Or something. I can't say I'm very familiar with the Wizard of Oz. But RUFUS IS!

He didn't talk as much as the last show I went to, although he did talk a bit. He explained that he wrote "Gay Messiah" with regard to the absence of homosexuality in the Bible, not that they shuned it but that it just didn't exist. He commented on some of his songs being very dark and gloooomy, and some other ones being...not. Noo nothing is dark and gloomy when Rufus is around! The last song (the French one) was a duet with Martha and was lovely, not that I could understand it but I'm sure it was lovely. I was happy to hear "April Fool's" since it's just such a nostaligic song. The first time I heard it must have been around the end of 1998 or early 1999. Holy crap, it's nearly 2004! I feel as old as dirt.

On a completely different note, today is Thanksgiving! Which is some kind of a holiday! My roommate e-mailed this to me and I thought it was cute:





This Thanksgiving my mum and I are going to a friend's house (Jen's house, actually...our families are long-time friends) which is nice because otherwise we probably wouldn't do anything. This is our first raw food Thanksgiving! Last year I ate a sweet potato for dinner and it was me really full. The year before I think we had Tofurkey. This year we shall have...SALAD!

My mum and I were planning to go to NYC tomorrow, but apparently it's supposed to rain ALL DAY. Crap. Well, I can partake in Buy Nothing Day at least. I will probably just stay home and do homework. I have a lot of reading to do for English and Anthropology and I have to study kanji for Japanese. Man, Japanese is turning into a poopie crap, whatever that is. Like kanji will be read one way, and then another way, and you just have to memorize it. Gah! Oh well, at least I kind of have hiragana and katakana down. I tried to read a Japanese Beck book I've had for a few years and now I know how to write Beck's name in katakana: bekku! BEKKU! If I have a kid, I'll name him/her Bekku. And he/she will be made fun of forever and ever. Right now I have a 93% in Japanese, which is good, but it's been going down because the tests have been a-killin' me. わたしをしにります、にほんごむずかしいですから。 That's probably completely gramatically incorrect, but what I was trying to say was "I die because Japanese is difficult." In itself that doesn't even make much sense, but you know...I can only do so much with my tiny brain.

I bought Frame Magazine yesterday in NY (I've never seen it before) and it's a really nice magazine. In my opinion. Because I like nice looking things. Why am I mentioning this? I have no idea. I want to subscribe to it since it's cheaper for students. Ooooh.

Alright, I think I'm done for now. It's time to..CROCHET! I mean do homework. ...nah, I meant crochet.

November 30, 2003

I have a rash

The title is not a metaphor. I really have broken out in some sort of a rash. *itch itch* Do I think it's a bad thing? Not really. On top of having my period, I must be getting rid of a lot of junk. I lost a few pounds after getting my period (which I've probably gained back due to eating....um...food...more on that later) and that was mainly water. Last Wednesday I used the Ion Cleanse and I wonder if that's why I developed a rash. I've never had a rash before, even though it's a common effect of detoxification. Until now, that is. I just have a few small red dots on some parts of my skin...I guess for your sake I won't get into any more detail. But anyway! I have no idea how the Ion Cleanse works, but it does do something. When I used it the water turned orange-ish, which means "detoxifying from joints"...I really don't know what that's about. I've never had a problem with my joints. There were also small white particles, which are supposed to be yeast particles...not that makes sense, considering how many carbs I eat. My mum did it too and she had a LOT more white particle junk and the water was a darker orange. Ooh.

So enough of that weird junk. What did I do this weekend? Uh. Um. Man, my brain does NOT work. Need omega-3 oil.

My mum and I were planning to go to NYC on Friday but it was rainy and kind of stinky, so instead we stayed home and went to Treasure Island to get yarn and things. I ended up making a scarf, woo! It's a fun soft scarf and the yarn is all fuzzy so I could make lots of mistakes and they wouldn't show. THAT'S THE BEST KIND OF YARN. I also worked on my ladybug beret and I'm almost done except for two dots and the eyes. I thought my head was a lot bigger, but apparently it's not. It's about 21" in circumference. I forgot that kids have huge heads, it's just the REST of their bodies that is small. So I'm going to have the most rockin' (or stupid) looking hat!

The next day we went to NYC to shop around and see The Triplets of Belleville. It was definitely an interesting and imaginative movie, and now that I've had more time to think about it, I think I liked it. I think. Hm. Well, it was a good movie. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're into...animated movies. And French things. If you like action and...erm, dialogue, do NOT see this movie. It's very, very slow. This isn't necessarily bad...I mean, some people will interpret the slowness as being bad, but it really portrays the feelings of the characters in the movie. I think the guy who did the movie was influenced by miming or something; there isn't much speaking in the movie. There's some singing (by the triplets) and a little bit of dialogue in English and some other dialogue in French. The story is pretty strange, but it's...um...funny. Not in a ha-ha way. There are funny parts though. If you're wondering, I'm very, very bad at writing reviews for anything, whether it's movies or music. I wouldn't recommend that everyone see this movie, just people who might be interested in animated, foreign movies. My overall feeling is that it's been over-hyped in a way and I was probably expecting something different. So it was good, but not the kind of movie that I thought it would be (ie, not so slow and maybe with more dialogue and more plot and...uh...hm).

After seeing the movie my mum and I walked up the East Village, which my mum thought was pretty slow compared to other parts of NYC. Maybe that's why I like it there. It is pretty slow, although if you walk up far enough then the calm and slowness immediately changes to bright lights, lots of cars, and Starbucks. Starbucks is pretty much the sign that you're in tourist-ville, it seems. *sigh* We went to Jubb's Longevity and ate a delicious dinner; I had a wrap and my mum had a casserole. For dessert I had the most DELICIOUS pumpkin pie and my mum had "cheesecake" that didn't taste like regular, heavy cheesecake because it was much lighter and nicer. :) Man, I love pumpkin pie. Who needs a cooked pumpkin pie? Just puree some pumpkin, put in the right spices, make a nutty crust, and mm. I love raw food, although I am indulging way too much. Right now the way I'm eating raw food is a BAD example...DO NOT DO THIS! Then again, if all you ate was that pumpkin pie, that would be so much better than "normal" cooked food fare, like breads and pastas and hamburgers and ice cream, at least in my opinion. It's saddening to think that the things I worry about food-wise are a lot healthier than what most people eat and my idea of an indulgence is a dehydrated raw cookie or pie make of nuts and fruit.

We also went to Live Live and got LOADS of stuff. How long these things will last, I do not know. But not very long. We got a bunch of things from here; they're EXCELLENT! They're so much cheaper if you buy them from the website though. Then again, shipping costs a bit. But anyway, if you could entertain the idea of trying some raw food snacks, the temple balls, brownie, and flax seed crackers are delicious. The essene bread is pretty good too, although it tastes SO much like a cracker, it's scary. Actually, maybe not; It has sprouted wheat in it and I believe that wheat is unhealthy, so it was probably stupid of me to eat. Actually, my mum wanted to try the bread, and I ended up liking it more than she did! ACK! We got lots of other stuff too, like flavored almonds, cookies, and granola. Eek. It's a good thing I don't live in Manhattan, I guess. I've only been there three times now but I feel like I've become a regular customer. The woman who runs the store told my mum (it was her first time there) that I was really sweet and a good customer. :)

We weren't planning to go to St. Marks Bookshop but while we were passing by I saw Quimby the Mouse, which I've wanted for a while, and figured I may as well get it. I also got Neomu, which is a great tax-free way to spend a dollar. :)

So that was my day in NYC, pretty much. Mucho fun, except that today it is Sunday and I am back in school. (sob) Not that school is awful, but I don't want to, you know, do WORK after having a nice relaxing 4-day weekend. I think I have to work on an English essay outline about a poem. I read a bunch of poems for English class last night and barely understood any of them (if at all). Damn...poetry...CRAP! JUST WRITE NORMALLY!

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